Bank Access Control System with Smartphones

Gallagher Installs Access Control System at Ahli United Bank

22.02.2021 - Ahli United Bank (AUB) is a leading financial institution providing banking, investment, and wealth management services from 147 branches in eight countries. Utilizing Gallagher’s business and security solutions in Bahrain since 2008, the Bank decided to undertake a full upgrade of the systems at its headquarters.

As part of upgrading the full product suite at its Bahrain Headquarters, which included all controlled doors and software, Ahli United Bank (AUB) also took the opportunity for a complete re-design of the set-up and locations of its security system. The bank was committed to finding a product that was cost effective and had a long life expectancy. While researching their options, AUB management saw a demonstration of Gallagher’s Mobile Connect technology and were immediately convinced that this was the ideal product for the bank’s upgrade.

Doubly Secure

In late 2018, AUB began testing the new mobile solution on site, then to be rolled out to most of its staff at headquarters. Gallagher Mobile Connect uses Bluetooth wireless technology to enable users to verify at a reader using a smartphone instead of an access card. A huge benefit for AUB is the solution’s capability to add additional layers of security where needed. Gallagher’s Mobile Connect solution provides the option to apply two-factor authentication via the smartphone – either fingerprint, PIN, or facial recognition – delivering heightened security for access to restricted areas. According to AUB’s management, the two-factor capability was very appealing to them. “Using a mobile with facial recognition is far more secure than just a card and a PIN, and it’s immensely more cost-effective than buying biometric readers,” they said.

Flexible Access Scheduling

From an administrative and site management perspective, Gallagher Mobile Connect provides AUB with significant flexibility. Easy provisioning means that authorized staff can remotely allocate temporary access in advance and can also schedule when a user’s access can begin and end – ideal for visitors and contractors who come to the bank’s headquarters.
Beyond Mobile Connect, readers and controllers, AUB uses Gallagher’s security software platform, called Command Center, to manage alarms and access for its headquarters and all branches, and all from a centralized location. “The power of Command Center is enormous,” said AUB’s management. “It integrates with our CCTV equipment and gives an excellent overview of our operations.”



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