Building Security: Combining Access Control and Video Management

06.02.2023 - Paxton’s latest innovation, Paxton10, allows installers and end-users to manage office access and video surveillance on one single platform.

One of the basic requirements for an office is a security system. To protect your office from unauthorised access, it is advised to have both access control and video management systems installed. Traditionally, access control and video surveillance required the installation of two separate software. The global manufacturer Paxton saw the potential and benefits of combining the two products, and developed its next-generation solution, Paxton10.

Paxton10 is a hassle-free security system that allows installers and office administrators to easily manage their facilities and video surveillance on a single platform from a variety of devices, largely increases the flexibility and simplicity of office building security.

Adam Stroud, Paxton’s CEO, explains: “The vast majority of the buildings with access control also have video surveillance installed. In most cases, these two systems need to be installed, maintained, and operated independently. Sometimes they can integrate very effectively, but complications from integrations can arise.

“Paxton10 has been designed on a single platform, meaning there is only one product to install and maintain.”

Paxton10’s easy-to-use software enables site administrators to manage up to 1000 doors and 1000 cameras. With Paxton10’s latest Multi-site feature, it is also possible to navigate across 100 sites to save time and travel cost for installers and office managers. In addition, the system integrates with fire and intruder alarms to further enhance building management.

Adam continues: “Paxton10 allows remote management from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. We offer a free app, Paxton Connect, that can be used on smart devices, and Paxton10 has intuitive web-based software. This makes remote access part of the system without any complication. It means that installers or building managers can investigate and resolve issues without attending the site and issue tokens to users from wherever they are.”

Another benefit of Paxton10 is that people can freely use their smartphones, smartwatches, or tablets as their keys to access buildings. Paxton refers to these mobile access tokens as ‘smart credentials’, which is a convenient tool for office administrators and users as the ‘credentials’ are completely free of charge and can be delivered at the touch of a button.

Designed with an all-in-one concept, Paxton10 has a customisable dashboard that allows site managers to generate reports on the precise time and date or location of their choice, allowing them to easily check the activities of their offices. Customised times and dates can be set for special events, such as open days or public holidays. They can also create rules based on system events, for example controlling other doors or devices.

Adam adds: “There is one feature that is great for use in the event of an emergency, which is the roll call & muster reporting. Site managers can generate reports listing all people who are currently within a specified area, so that they can check if everyone is evacuated safely.”

The manufacturer enhances their product offering by introducing Paxton’s very own range of IP cameras that have embedded software engineered specifically for Paxton10. In early 2022, Paxton launched their new camera series, Core and Pro, to provide more choices for their customers.

Adam explains: “The Core series is the cost-effective-but-no-compromise-on-quality option. Our cameras provide incredible low light performance, meaning the camera can still capture footage with minimal light source.

“The Pro series, on the other hand, is suitable for users who are looking for next-level building surveillance. On top of the features provided by the Core series, the Pro cameras can record in crystal clear 4K HD and come with 256GB in-built memory.”



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