Sep. 27, 2010

CCTV Expert Vlado Damjanovski speaks at All-over-IP 2010

Approach to Considering Complete Video Surveillance System Qualities

  • Vlado Damjanovski, current Chairman of CCTV Standards of Australia sub-committeeVlado Damjanovski, current Chairman of CCTV Standards of Australia sub-committee

CCTV is a rapidly changing industry. The switch from analogue to digital introduces many new compression, transmission, storage and camera image formats. It becomes increasingly more difficult for the end user, but even for the industry experts, to know which equipment offers a better quality for CCTV purposes.

"For example, a 1/2" 5 Mpx camera producing 5 fps with MJPEG is better than a 1/3" 2 Mpx HD camera producing 25 fps with H264 compression? - says Vlado Damjanovski, CCTV Specialist ViDi Labs and CCTV Standards Australia Chairman. - Which one is really better and for what application?"
On November 18, 2010 at All-over-IP 2010 Vlado Damjanovski will introduce some innovative approach which considers the complete system qualities, as needed and seen by our industry. Furthermore, it suggests a new set of Identification CCTV Units (ICU) which can be used to quantify each critical section of a CCTV system. Using such an approach it is possible to describe a total "end-to-end" system quality, from the camera to the display by a universal ICU number.

The ICU concept is suggested by Vlado Damjanovski, current Chairman of CCTV Standards of Australia sub-committee, as a draft work for the newly prepared AS4806.5 standard for "Digital CCTV" and was put on-line for comments. It has created high interest among top experts around the world and indeed can be used by the global CCTV IP industry as a universal system of identification.


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