Feb. 15, 2011

Checkpoint's Interactive Public View Monitor Powered by Pixim's Seawolf Chip

Seawolf chip used to ensure high-quality images in any lighting condition

  • Checkpoint Systems' Interactive Public View (IPV) monitor Checkpoint Systems' Interactive Public View (IPV) monitor

Pixim, leading provider of imaging chips for enterprise security cameras, announced that Checkpoint Systems has launched an innovative Interactive Public View (IPV) monitor integrating Pixim's new Seawolf chip. The IPV monitor is designed for retail loss prevention and integrates with smart fixtures, electronic article surveillance, and RFID-based solutions. It uses customized graphics as well as audible and visual alerts to draw attention to the monitor or deliver messaging related to an alarm or event.

Based on Seawolf, the IPV monitors are specified at a resolution of 690 HTVL effective and offer the industry's proven best wide dynamic range. In addition, the IPV monitors require just 0.1 lux of illumination to produce usable, color images at a full 30 frames per second.
"Pixim's release of Seawolf timed perfectly with the development of the IPV monitor," says Farrokh Abadi, Checkpoint Systems' president of shrink management solutions business. "The chip has allowed us to combine the latest in imaging and display technologies at an affordable price point."
"Retailers are constantly challenged with difficult lighting conditions," says John Monti, vice president of marketing and business development for Pixim. "Seawolf can solve the imaging problems caused by everything from backlit entrances to the glare off jewelry cases. It's thrilling to team up with Checkpoint, a company known for its viable shrink management offerings, because Seawolf is another effective tool for retail loss prevention."



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