Jun. 01, 2009

Cias: total integration into the Geutebruck CCTV platform

Cias: total integration into the Geutebruck CCTV platform. Cias and Geutebruck have agreed to cooperate in order to create a total integration of Cias’ products into the Geutebruck CCTV platform, thus creating a more userfriendly product for the customer.

Using the Cias SDK, Geutebruck has implemented in their CCTV system the correct interpretation of alarm states (Pre-alarm, alarm, fault, tampering) generated by the CIAS intrusion systems installed on the perimeter.

The integration of the systems uses the Ethernet network, and the TCP-IP protocol. The CCTV system opens a TCP-IP communication session (Client) for each installed CIAS IB-System (Server) and analyzes the status of each device connected to the common Ethernet network via IB-FMCREP ETH field repeater from Cias.


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