May. 24, 2012

Compro Network Cameras Watching Over Turkish Supermarket Chain

  • Turkish supermarket chain Gimsa Turkish supermarket chain Gimsa

Turkish supermarket chain Gimsa has invested in a surveillance system with 106 Compro megapixel network cameras to protect several of its stores located in the capital city of Ankara. The Turkish supermarket chain employs a total of more than 1500 employees. The 11 stores that Gimsa owns have always served Ankara residents and local industry with quality goods and services.

The Turkish supermarket chain has enjoyed steady sales growth in the past few years. However, shortages and theft issues has also risen in importance recently. In light of this, the Turkish supermarket chain decided to deploy new surveillance cameras at several of its stores to curtail the risk of store theft and shortages. During the planning stage, it is determined that the new cameras must be able to capture clear and sharp video evidences, both in daytime and nighttime, so the store managers can provide useful crime evidences to law enforcement when necessary.

To seek the best solution for their new security system, Gimsa turned to GENET, which is a local system integrator specializing in CCTV and IP video surveillance systems. The sheer amount of floor space at Gimsa stores posted a challenge to monitor all the important areas. In other words, the number of cameras must be kept low to ensure cost effectiveness.

Solution and Result
Eventually, Gimsa chose to deploy 20 Compro IP55 megapixel cameras and 86 Compro IP70 megapixel cameras as their 1.3 megapixel resolution can cover a greater area in comparison with a conventional CCTV camera. Beyond that, these Compro cameras also provide a good price and performance ratio.

Furthermore, the day and night functionality Compro IP70 offers is the reason why IP70 was deployed for round-the-clock surveillance at the stores. And both Compro IP55 and IP70 network camera offer store managers the ability to remotely view and record video on mobile devices. ComproView, Compro's video management software, was also adopted to provide a central monitoring and recording solution at the Gimsa stores. Since deployed, the new surveillance system based on Compro solutions has greatly improved the safety and operation of the supermarket chain.




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