Jun. 06, 2018

Cybersecurity Cooperation

SeeTec and Vivotek have established a cybersecurity cooperation based on a cyber-defense solution in which Vivotek’s network cameras are armed with Trend Micro’s anti-intrusion software. The solution provides security against brute force attacks, automatically prevents and detects intrusion attempts and instantly controls the extent of damage. Ever more video security systems are no longer isolated installations but exposed to the internet, and therefore cybersecurity has become an important decision criterion in the project design phase. During the past few years, numerous cyber-attacks have shown that IP cameras are the hacker’s top targets, as they are constantly connected and offer relatively high computing power as well as good internet traffic throughput. The SeeTec Cayuga video management system is now tested and certified for the use with Trend Micro’s solution on Vivotek network cameras, thus enabling end-to-end IT security for the video ecosystem.

Andreas Beerbaum, Managing Director at SeeTec, points out the importance of this initiative: "The IT security level of any video system is determined by its weakest part – therefore it is key to not only maintain high security standards for all types of components including cameras, software and infrastructure but also to make sure that there are no security gaps between them."




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