Jun. 24, 2020

Dahua Technology Launches ECO Partner Program

  • Dahua's ECO system is dynamic and builds stronger partnerships through joint marketing activities.Dahua's ECO system is dynamic and builds stronger partnerships through joint marketing activities.

Dahua Technology has launched its new technology partner program; the Dahua ECO Partner Program. DEPP is tailored to enhance business relationships with technology vendors in the surveillance and IoT industries. Enhancing interoperability is the main objective of the program.

The ECO Partner Program is an answer to current challenges. End-users demand more and more comprehensive solutions for their needs. Alliances with technology vendors are key factors in delivering those value drivers to the industries.  “Dahua Technology strives for more openness,” says Peter Pan, Dahua Global Technology Partner Alliance Director. “Through the Dahua ECO Partner Program, we are committed to providing our customers with better integrated solutions and a comprehensive ECO system where our ECO partners can flourish and grow. We are smarter together.”

Dahua Technology has already welcomed 16 companies to the program, with many others being processed. It is accessible to all technology vendors with an existing or potential business relationship with Dahua. It is free of charge and has a transparent two-level based model: registered ECO partner and ECO+ partner. The name ECO stands for Empower, Cooperate and Open. They embody the three pillars of the program: technology, marketing and sales.

Partners receive dedicated technical support, allowing them to further enhance in-depth integration. The objective is to enhance interoperability with their products, solutions or services and lead innovation. The program enables partners to extend their footprint in the industry and co-partner with Dahua on exhibitions or participate in Dahua partner day events. It is also possible to elaborate joint success stories and joint solutions. The program promotes an active interest in cultivating strong and long-lasting relationships with local sales teams, as well as finding new partners in the network across all verticals, making it possible to align sales strategies and develop business in key industries.


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