Do your wireless locks already have mobile capability built in?

06.10.2021 - Mobile access is changing the way we manage buildings and their security. The smartphone becomes a mobile key just as easily as a payment card or a map. A device which users are already carrying can unlock buildings or rooms, across one or multiple sites, securely and at a lower cost to the business than standard credentials.


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Mobile access with Aperio wireless locks saves money and boosts building security. To learn more, download a free Aperio Mobile Access Solution Guide (Image: Assa Abloy)


According to “The Wireless Access Control Report 2021”, approximately two-thirds of organizations have already implemented some form of mobile access control, or plan to within two years*. From an access management point of view, enhanced security and convenience are the major drivers.

Mobile credentials can be amended over the air, without dedicated readers. Nobody is left waiting for access permissions to update. When a security administrator cancels a mobile key, it vanishes immediately from a user’s phone.

Switching away from plastic credentials also reduces materials use: Mobile keys remove any need to source or print smartcards, badges and fobs.

Aperio wireless locking devices already have mobile access
Many security managers worry about the cost of upgrading or reconfiguring their electronic locks to upgrade. Yet all the advantages of mobile are already available in a building equipped with Aperio battery powered devices.

Aperio mobile access is built on Seos, a next-generation platform with class-leading authentication and privacy protection**. Unlocking an Aperio device is easy and intuitive: Users present their phone at the reader, just as they would a smartcard. They don’t need to open an app.

Aperio locks are compatible with all major RFID credentials, as well as with Bluetooth and NFC mobile protocols, too. User experience at the door is identical for each. No training or new hardware is needed.

These locks can operate with multiple credential technologies simultaneously: Building users need not stick unanimously to one format; businesses can run RFID and mobile in parallel. And this functionality is available whatever access control you currently deploy: Aperio wireless devices integrate seamlessly with almost any access or security management system, from over 100 different manufacturers so far.

With Aperio, the cost of upgrading your buildings to smartphone keys may be zero.

To learn more, download a free Aperio Mobile Access Solution Guide here.





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