Easy Access Control and Time Attendance

27.12.2021 - A Fast Track to Effective Access Control and Attendance Management

Combining time and attendance and access control together does seem a natural option, it is ­important to know that companies specializing in access control do not necessarily provide ­exceptionally good time and attendance system and vice versa. They are two very different concepts after all. Hikvision has announced the launch of its HikCentral Access Control software as a new ­offering of its signature HikCentral family. Inheriting the complete access control and attendance ­capabilities from the existing HikCentral Professional, the new software is designed and dedicated for professional access control and time attendance management in an easier and more efficient way.

Access Control for business customers

Integrating both functions in one software simplifies security and operations for small and medium businesses, who can integrate the system with their Hikvision access control and intercom products quickly and easily. With the software business customers can experience a wide range of benefits. We have asked product manager John Cheng from Hikvision about how Hikvision approaches the access control market with this solution: ‘There are a large number of small- to medium-sized businesses in the global market where access control is their top security priority, it is important for business owners to deploy an easy and fast solution for their daily access management – in a flexible way. This is how we designed our HikCentral Access Control software. The software significantly simplifies and optimises how small businesses manage access control with needed credentials, and streamlines their employee attendance and HR administration with flexible rules and straightforward reporting.’

Maximized Security: Multi-door interlocking, anti-passback, and multi-factor authentication

HikCentral Access Control supports a wide range of employee ID credentials, including fingerprints, cards, facial recognition, QR codes and PIN codes, to ensure flexibility and security for employee access authentication. It also includes advanced access security features such as multi-door interlocking, anti-passback, and multi-factor authentication, providing high levels of protection for sensitive areas. Alarms are also triggered in real time when rules are breached, accelerating responses, and minimizing potential losses, damage, and other negative impacts.
Minimized Deployment Complexity and Simplified Setup
The new software requires limited hardware processing power. Customers with minimum hardware requirements of i3-CPU and 4 GB RAM can get the software up and running in minutes. Customers can set rules for access permissions and work shifts quickly and easily. Instructions for doing this are available on the sidebar menu in the portal interface, reducing skills requirements and speeding up the process. When in use, operators can manage the software remotely with a mobile app at any time, from anywhere.

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HR ­Reporting: HikCentral integrated with third-party payroll systems

The HikCentral software provides detailed attendance reports to support better HR management. These can be exported easily into Excel, CSV or PDF formats, or integrated with third-party payroll systems to streamline HR administration.

Intuitive User Interface: up to 4 access doors, and up to 50 employees

The software offers a dynamic view of multiple sites of a building and access control device status based on an interactive E-Map. This allows effective responses to event alarms and device anomalies in a timely manner.
The new HikCentral Access Control is provided free of charge to Hikvision customers with up to 4 access doors, and up to 50 employees for clocking in and out. It can also be scaled quickly and flexibly for larger sites and workforces. Where necessary, it can also be upgraded to HikCentral Professional – a more sophisticated and versatile software platform – designed for centralized management of a variety of security and business applications, including video security, access control, alarm systems and more, for end-to-end protection of people and assets, and greater operational efficiency.


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