Mar. 09, 2011

ECAC Tests Morpho Detection Products for Baggage Screening

MDI's CTX 9800 DSi (high speed) and CTX 9400 DSi EDS teste for European Union Standard 3

Morpho Detection, part of Morpho, Safran group's security business, announced its high-speed configured CTX 9800 DSi and CTX 9400 DSi explosives detection solutions (EDS) have been evaluated by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) as meeting European Union Standard 3 requirements.

This represents a major milestone toward implementation of advanced technology EDS that is expected to dramatically improve checked luggage screening effectiveness across Europe. EU regulations state all new EDS equipment purchases should meet Standard 3 requirements by 2012.
"The CTX 9400 and 9800 explosives detection solutions customize CT-based imaging technology, originally developed for healthcare, for a wide range of airport needs and aviation security challenges," said Dennis Cooke, president and CEO, Morpho Detection, Inc. "Successful completion of ECAC evaluation of these powerful EDS allows European airports of all sizes and volumes to adopt with confidence the detection effectiveness, operational efficiency and customer-pleasing speed of advanced, CT-based checked bag screening."


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