Jan. 02, 2020

European Cloud Security Project Provides Tools for the Development of Cybersecurity in the EU

European cybersecurity company Nixu has been proud to be part of the European Security Certification Framework (EU-SEC) project for the last three years. The project will come to an end on 31 December 2019.

The main aim of EU-SEC is to improve trust in cloud services by creating a framework under which existing certification and assurance approaches can co-exist. The framework serves basic requirements of the EU Cybersecurity Act and adds an additional layer of trust, assurance and transparency by including continuous auditing-based certifications. It is targeted at cloud stakeholders wishing to improve the business value, efficiency and effectiveness of their approach to cloud security approach to cloud security and privacy compliance. This includes auditors, cloud service providers, regulators, standard owners and cloud users.

In addition to all the work required to build the framework architecture, the project partners have produced a variety of materials to ensure the project outcomes remain at the disposal of cloud stakeholders. The resources include white papers, videos and training packages.

Jürgen Grossman, coordinator of the EU-SEC project said, "There have been many challenges over the last three years, but I am proud of the results that EU-SEC has achieved. These results have been obtained thanks to the hard work of all the partners who brought their expertise to the consortium. I’m confident the outcomes will deliver benefits to European cloud stakeholders.”


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