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11.01.2023 - Sorhea opens office in Germany and launches a new generation of infrared barriers.

Expanding on the DACH market, French company Vitaprotech comprises 11 companies in the security industry. One of their recent goals is to establish their companies in the German-speaking market with a physical presence. Sorhea has been one of their successful projects and not only celebrates their first year with the official office opening, but also launches a new generation of their reliable infrared barrier. GIT SECURITY EMEA visited the event and congratulated the team in person on site.

On November 3, 2022 Sorhea officially inaugurated their new premises in the city of Rüsselsheim, Germany. For this occasion Sorhea took the opportunity to meet with public representatives, partners and customers to introduce Sorhea and its team, and to exchange ideas in a cozy atmosphere.

Lord Mayor of the city of Rüsselsheim, Mr. Udo Bausch and the French Consul General, Dr. Ilde Gorguet, gave us a warm welcome. The Vitaprotech Group, the umbrella organization of Sorhea and other daughter companies, has set itself the task of further expanding its business on the German market, to invest further in the Rüsselsheim site in the future, and to establish itself in the regional community in the long term. Once again, it has been shown that personal contact is a valuable basis for building a stable network and a good trusting cooperation, especially for successfully initiating and implementing projects together.

New Generation of Autonomous Infrared Barrier
Sorhea is upgrading its Solaris infrared barrier. The autonomous active infrared barrier is installed at numerous sites in Europe and throughout the world, its solar energy supply and radio communication making it a reference in the perimeter security market. Introduced in 2009, the Solaris column was the first ‘low power’ infrared barrier on the market. Its very low energy consumption allows it to operate in all weather conditions over a 100 m range. The solar power supply is backed up by a battery that guarantees two months of operation in complete darkness. The system has already been installed at various sites in Scandinavia and Canada, and functions just as well as a 12 V or 230 V powered system in these low light latitudes. Alarm information is transmitted without cabling via a dynamic radio mesh network. As no cabling is required, the column is easy to install and reduces civil engineering costs. 

Solaris won the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2022: this prize is given every year by the international GIT SECURITY magazine to reward the most efficient perimeter security products with the most innovative functionality. To achieve the best possible infrared barrier performance, Sorhea boasts a high density of infrared beams that creates a virtual wall that cannot be breached without sending an alarm. The denser the infrared wall, the finer and more reliable the detection. With 10 cells on 3-meter columns, Solaris is currently the only existing autonomous infrared barrier offering such a high infrared density, over a range of 100 m.

The system also benefits from Sorhea’s technological progress on the radio: full encryption of the Solaris radio network ensures maximum data security, and communication via the LoRa protocol offers long range, energy savings and good resistance to interference. The train-filtering functionality, so far only available on Maxiris barriers, is now also available on autonomous Solaris NG barriers. This algorithm can tell the difference between a vehicle (train, tram, or even a plane) and an individual passing between two columns, so no unwanted alarm is created and the perimeter security system is not interrupted. This new generation is also available in an all-plastic version: made of polyacetal, the housing makes the column frangible. Solaris NG can then be installed on very specific sites, such as airport runways and high voltage transformer sites. Solaris has been developed in accordance with the highest international standards, allowing it to be installed at all sensitive sites around the world.


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