Fire Protection

Intelligent fire detection solutions by Bosch

08.06.2023 -

Protect life and asset with scalable, future-proof Bosch detectors which can be installed and maintained with ease.

Fire Protection

Euralarm: Guidance on Approved Fill Stations of Clean Agent Systems

12.05.2023 -

The Extinguishing Section of Euralarm has released another new guidance document. The ‘Guidance on Approved fill stations’ outlines the main important subjects detailing...

Fire Protection

Wagner Rail forms Partnership with ITP Rail Associates in the USA

27.04.2023 -

Fire detection technology from Wagner will provide fire protection in rail vehicles in North America in the future.

Fire Protection

Potential Problems in Explosive Environments Without the Paperwork

21.04.2023 -

The world of hazardous manufacturing and production can be complicated enough without adding extra elements to your workload. Hot work permits are often seen as being an...

Fire Protection

Bosch Intelligent fire detection solutions

31.03.2023 -

Bosch fire detectors are highly reliable, thereby ensuring early and accurate detection. Thanks to elaborate and innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI)...

Fire Protection

Halma acquires FirePro for €150 million

28.03.2023 -

Halma, the global group of life-saving technology companies, today announces that it has acquired FirePro.

Fire Protection

CPD Seminars from Amthal

21.03.2023 -

Amthal, as a dedicated part of the Honeywell Gent Network, has delivered its first dedicated CPD seminar on fire technology, to a leading integrated property consultancy.

Fire Protection

Six Challenges for Fire Safety in Warehouses

27.02.2023 -

Swift recognition of flames and smoke is vital to keep warehouses and depots protected from fire. An intelligent video-based fire detection solution monitors stock around...