Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection in High-Rise Buildings

11.03.2019 -

Imagine a metropolis without a skyline! Its hardly possible. If you think of any big city you will imagine its buildings, monuments, the people, your favorite places and...

Fire Protection

Security and Fire Safety Installation at Hotel and Spa

20.02.2019 -

As Sopwell House drives forward with a 12m spa development programme, Amthal is working closely in partnership to ensure it is delivered to create a safe and secure...

Fire Protection

Emergency Escape Illumination for Building Evacuation

18.12.2018 -

The construction of ever larger and higher buildings continues and leads to an increasing number of people in one area, therefore the buildings must be safe at all times...

Fire Protection

Achieving End-to-End Fire Security in High-Rise Buildings

04.12.2018 -

In 2017, a fire disaster in a European public housing development sounded a clear warning about the importance of fire security in high-rise buildings. The blaze in the...

Fire Protection

Bosch Equips Biblioteca Beghi with Interfaced Fire and Evacuation Solution

12.10.2018 -

Located in the Northern Italian town of La Spezia, the Biblioteca Civica Pietro Mario Beghi is a state-of-the-art public library with an extensive collection of books and...

Fire Protection

Fire Safety from the Bottom

19.09.2018 -

A project to protect the largest warehousing and cross-docking facility in one of the UKs busiest ports has demonstrated the suitability of aspirating smoke detection...

Fire Protection

Foam Factories with Video-Based Fire Detection

23.07.2018 -

Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, manufacturing company Mouka Limited has built a leading position on the countrys household and industrial markets since its founding in...

Fire Protection

Hamburg’s Elbe Philharmonic Hall with Air Sampling Smoke Detectors

13.07.2018 -

A visit to Hamburgs Elbe Philharmonic Hall starts with a little ticket, but not necessarily with a concert ticket. A plaza ticket is enough to visit the Philharmonic Hall...