Flawless Security Within Access Control

How STid Fulfills User Expectations in Access Control Solutions

20.07.2021 - STid designs identification products and solutions for high-security access control and automatic vehicle identification. In this interview with GIT SECURITY, Vincent Dupart, STid’s CEO, and François Gitz, STid’s Sales Manager, explain the their keys of success and users’ expectations in the access control market.

GIT SECURITY: What are the end users’ expectations in access control?

Vincent Dupart: The current health situation is a typical illustration of the importance of modularity. The “unexpected” has abruptly changed customer’s needs. STid is especially well-positioned to address these new challenges. Our high security Architect Reader range is extremely modular and offers a real alternative to full replacement of older technologies. Our readers can evolve by simply adding Biometric, QR-Code and Multi-technology modules to meet the everyday demand for additional functionality and safety.

François Gitz: QR code is a perfect example. Visitor access management demand has soared. A technological answer was needed for customers already equipped with readers, without replacing their current installation. The Architect QR Code module can be easily connected to the existing reader. It is a cost-effective and reliable solution to visitor management within an office or facility. QR Codes can be generated by existing systems/software and used in paper format or onto the smartphone (by email, virtual cards, and so on).  One effective and yet secure way to easily manage different user profiles such as visitors, temporary contractors, employees, drivers, deliveries etc. with simplicity and security!

Could you explain what ‘instinctive security’ means?

François Gitz: 90% of people consider access control as a constraint. With STid, access control becomes instinctive and still guarantees data protection. For example, with STid Mobile ID: we offer new modes of identification to allow users contactless entry choices and simplicity. STid’s innovative solutions ensure that access control is no longer seen as a constraint. STid Mobile ID is now compatible with SIRI on iOS to effortlessly open doors. With a simple “Hey Siri, open the door!”, you can pair your iPhone’s voice command with STid Mobile ID to achieve perfect contactless access!

Vincent Dupart: We accepted the “security sector” challenge to combine seamless identification and flawless security between the card and the reader and between the reader and the controller. This last part is the distinct role of the SSCP and OSDP protocols. To build trust through certification, freedom and interoperability delivering end-to-end security throughout the entire system. Open and interface agnostic protocols like SSCP are based on certified security and transparent technology which delivers total customer independence and autonomy to their security management.

What about your next steps?

Vincent Dupart: Continuing to grow by designing solutions that simplify and protect users’ daily lives! Imagining new modes of identification, continuously improving the ergonomics of our solutions, etc. we will carry on working every day to make access control ever more instinctive and secure!


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