Fire Protection

Flexible Fire Protection with Bosch Wireless Detectors

28.12.2020 - With its new generation of wireless detectors, Bosch Building Technologies offers a flexible fire protection solution that works almost entirely without cabling. It is therefore ideally suited for installation in historical buildings, for retrofitting to and the expansion of existing buildings, and also for temporary installations.

Thanks to the combination of two frequency bands and highly reliable mesh technology, the new wireless fire alarm system offers high system availability and maximum protection. The solution consists of a gateway, which is connected to the fire alarm system by cable, as well as up to thirty detectors and ten manual call points, which communicate with the gateway by radio and can therefore be installed anywhere without cabling.
The solution is highly scalable as up to ten gateways can be networked. They are compatible with every Bosch fire panel and can be easily integrated into existing solutions. The gateways are battery-powered and can be configured prior to installation, making commissioning much easier. Installation and configuration are intuitive and fast, and an intuitive diagnostic tool provides easy verification of the entire installation.

Redundancy for Reliability

The detectors are arranged in a mesh topology instead of the conventional star topology. This ensures that redundant connection paths are always available to all devices so that reliable alarming is ensured even if one radio link fails. Each detector acts as a repeater and can forward alarms from other detectors, so radio-based fire detection can now be used even in very large buildings. No direct connection to the gateway is required for this.
The redundancy created through the mesh topology is complemented by the use of two radio bands to ensure reliable operation even in the event of interference on one frequency. In this case, switching takes place automatically. Both radio bands can be used without restriction throughout Europe. The new wireless solution uses EN54-certified multi-sensor detectors with optical and thermal sensors.
The main areas of application are hotels, town halls, shopping centers and temporary installations, for example in exhibition halls. Thanks to its redundant configuration, the radio-based solution is also suitable for challenging applications in which radio has often caused problems in the past, for example environments where many walls could interfere with or block the radio signal.


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