Free e-Book Access Control: Development, State of the Art - and How to Eliminate Weaknesses

10.01.2021 - Physical access control has been an important part of corporate security strategy for decades. Like any technology, access control has evolved over the years - today's solutions are more secure and convenient than ever before. Nevertheless, it is important to eliminate weaknesses and close security gaps. A current e-book from HID provides information.

e-Book Access control - request free of charge here

From swipe solutions such as the now obsolete magnetic stripe to contactless technologies and mobile badge solutions, businesses today have many options for their access control. But despite the availability of newer and more secure options, many companies are still using outdated and insecure access control technologies. Now is the time to take action and put much-needed upgrades at the top of the priority list.

Very enlightening: to better illustrate the importance of updating to the latest access control technology, a recently published e-book by access control specialist HID takes a kind of time travel and looks at the development history of card and badge technologies from the 1980s to today. It also takes a look at the technologies available today - and generally at the future of access control.

It also explains why the use of outdated technologies can become a major risk for companies.

(Download below: Infographic "The Evolution of Credential Technologies" - the complete e-book is available here)



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