Jun. 01, 2009

Geutebruck: IP Video security solution for Port Yanbu

Geutebruck: IP Video security solution for Port Yanbu. At King Fahd Industrial Port at Yanbu in Saudi Arabia the CCTV system has to provide high security for valuable cargos and infrastructure. When the original IP system proved disappointing, it was upgraded with Geutebruck servers, management system, video analysis and GUI.

The company’s Eurasia remedy, implemented by local partner Abdulla Fouad Holding Company, retained the cameras and encoders, but cut the number of monitors to 12 by installing a Geviscope management system needing only six servers, an alarm GUI and Gscview display software.

To eliminate the vast majority of irrelevant alarms (around 1,000 a week), the perimeter system output is now filtered by Geutebruck’s intelligent video analysis software.


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