Mar. 01, 2009

Geutebruck: video security on school campus

Geutebruck: video security on school campus. Having already suffered break-ins, thefts, graffiti and broken windows, an extremely expensive flood was the final straw. The management of a multi-school campus in Tarp, north Germany decided enough was enough. Rather than continue funding refits and repairs it was decided to invest in prevention and detection.

The 600,000 € bill for the complete refurbishment of a building which followed a weekend when stop taps were purposely left full-on, made the cost of electronic security for the site and buildings look extremely good value.

The chosen security solution, a Geutebruck CCTV system, was supplied by DTE a local installer from Flensburg.

DTE mounted 42 megapixel cameras inside and outside the six buildings. Outdoor motion detection is used to control both video recording and the halogen spotlights, which illuminate any night-time activity.

In each building a Geviscope video system platform processes local traffic and archives the data.

When necessary, all six units are combined into a single high performance system via the schools’ Gigabyte network, so that all camera pictures can be viewed, and all the (dual control protected) archives can be searched from the central monitoring station.

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