GIT SECURITY AWARD 2013 - Surprises and Serial Winners

08.01.2013 - Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2013. Only 5 x 3 products could win: Those ones the most readers were voting for - via fax, e-mail or online voting on ...

Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2013. Only 5 x 3 products could win: Those ones the most readers were voting for - via fax, e-mail or online voting on

Category A - Safe Automation

Keyence: GL-R Light Curtain
Guarded Safety Light Curtain
The GL-R safety light curtains are rugged: The design - a 3 mm thick extruded aluminum body with a narrow, 9 mm wide recessed lens surface - completely guards the light curtain from impact. In addition new wiring systems save time and trouble by simplifying installation. So the one-line wiring system allows the transmitter to be connected in series directly to the receiver for power and synchronization purposes. This simplifies wiring to a single cable, greatly reducing installation time and the potential for mis-wiring. The GL-R Series also includes new smart features, like edge to-edge detection, series connection, built-in muting and blanking, highly visible indicators, quick disconnect cable options, and monitoring software.

2nd Place
ABB Stotz-Kontakt: Eden AS-i
A Non-contact Safety Sensor
The non-contact safety sensor Eden AS-i is now adapted for direct attachment to the AS-i bus. It is suitable for use on interlocked doors, hatches etc. and consists of two complementary parts called: Adam and Eva. The sensor is only activated, if the door or hatch is closed and Adam and Eva are within the sensing distance. A failure will directly lead to a stop signal. Each Eden sensor is individually coded which makes it secure against manipulation.

3rd Place
Phoenix Contact:
Lightning Monitoring System LM-S
The System captures lightning impacting and evaluates the data. It consists of sensors for mounting on the discharge lines of a lightning protection system for fiber optic signal transmission and an evaluation unit. The access to the collected data is via an internal web server. Then it is possible to query, for example with a smartphone, at any time the load situation of the system. Main areas of use are particularly exposed to risk of lightning location systems such as wind turbines, power generation equipment industrial companies, large and railway facilities.

Category B - Fire and Explosion Protection, Industrial Safety

Hekatron: IACmobile
Fire Alarm Control Panel for Your Pocket
With IACmobile Hekatron allows the display and operation of Integral IP fire alarm systems via mobile ­devices. For example, all messages of the fire alarm control panel can be received. In addition, the commissioning is supported and the operator receives more information about the current state of his fire alarm control panel BMA - mobile, anytime and from anywhere in the world. Even the in-house fire safety responsible may e.g. carry out simple exploration tours much faster and more user-friendly - all with such one operating philosophy. Safe access is guaranteed to fire alarm systems via the Hekatron Security-Cloud.

2nd Place
Esser: Compact
Compact Fire Alarm Control Centre
A new European product standard combines control of SHEV actuators such as smoke and heat vents and fire control with the fire alarm control centre in a single product. The addressable ring bus control centre is tailored to the needs of small to medium sized premises with increased requirements with regard to fail-safe capability. Automatic commissioning is performed without additional software tools. The system provides individual addressing, 72 hour battery capacity, integrated fire service interfaces and a large display. Bus communication of alarms is provided by multi-function sensors and alarm sensors.

3rd Place
Zweibrueder Optoelectronic: LED Lenser X7R
Rechargeable Twin Light
The X7R is a rechargeable LED flashlight with unusual design. The eye-catching lamp head contains two light sources and lenses, providing a luminous flux of up to 500 lumens. Even though the lamp head has an oval shape, the X7R produces a circular, focusable light cone. Inside the flashlight, a microcontroller provides the user with three light programs with up to eight different light functions. Thus, the lamp can be configured according to individual requirements. Its multi-functional charging system with wear-free magnetic contact is another special feature. The X7R can be recharged via power socket, USB port, and car adaptor.

Category C - CCTV

Mobotix : S14 Flex Mount
Flexible Double Hemispheric Camera
The camera, which is available in both mono (S14M) and dual (S14D) versions, features miniature lens units and offers a wide range of application opportunities. For instance, the S14D can be equipped with two hemispheric lens units with integrated microphone that are connected to the main housing via cables. This makes it possible to fully secure two rooms located next to or on top of one another with just one single S14. The slim design of the module units, which are available in white and black, permit an extremely discreet installation. Both module units and the separate housing with the latest dual camera board are weatherproof in accordance with IP65 and operate in a temperature range of -30 °C to +60 °C (-22 °F to +140 °F).

2nd Place
Vivotek: Panoramic PTZ
Panoramic PTZ combination
Panoramic PTZ is an innovative technique developed by Vivotek R&D team. This technique incorporates a 3.1M fisheye camera FE8171V and a full HD speed dome camera SD8362E with 20x optical zoom, which allows users to simultaneously monitor an overview from a fisheye camera and a detailed regional view from a full HD speed dome camera. The FE8171V provides 180° panoramic view or 360° surround view without blind spots. With sophisticated mechanism, the SD8362E provides fast, precise pan/tilt/zoom movement and captures details at top-notch quality.

3rd Place
Axis Communications: Axis P364-LVE
Light Sensitive Vandal-Resistant Dome Camera
The light-sensitive, outdoor-ready Axis P3364-LVE fixed dome camera offers exceptional image quality in H.264 and Motion JPEG. It delivers 30 fps in all resolutions up to HDTV 720p/1280x960. The camera offers exceptional light sensitivity with Axis' Lightfinder technology and uses P-Iris control for optimal sharpness. As IR illumination camera it works with long-life LED technology that is highly power-efficient. Video intelligence includes video motion detection, audio detection and active tampering alarm. It is perfectly suited for airports, city surveillance, banking, school and university campuses.

Category D - Access Control, Intruder Alarm, Perimeter Protection

Tyco Security Products: Intevo
Integrated Access Control
Intevo is an easy to deploy integrated security system. It can support web- and mobile clients, provide control for access readers and manage a camera network of up to 32 IP cameras. The interface to an intruder system is preconfigured. Intevo is preloaded with Kantech's EntraPass Corporate Edition security management software and American Dynamics' IP video recorder, giving users plug-and-play capability. With its embedded Windows 7 OS, latest generation Intel processor and solid state drive for applications, Intevo offers high performance computing technology. Intevo connectors include dual Ethernet ports, 6 USB 2.0 ports; dual display outputs for VGA, HDMI and DVI.

2nd Place
Gantner Electronic: WiNET
A Network System - Wireless
WiNET, the online wireless system, consists of battery-operated cylinders and armatures as well as radio nodes and controllers. The radio nodes are connected to the RS-485 interface and establish the connection to the cylinders and armatures over a distance of up to 40 m. The administration of the credentials is performed on the PC. There is no need for writing stations or handhelds or walking to the doors. The radio network is used for the transmission of access credentials, door opening commands, and system information return messages.

3rd Place
Nedap: AEOS Intrusion Detection
"Always Armed. Even When You Disarm It"
The innovative Nedap AEOS intrusion detection is certified according EN5013-1, grade 3, Class II. The intrusion detection system is based on a system- and database-independent web application with an intuitive user interface. User rights, PIN-codes and biometrics can be managed centrally. Thanks to the unique, open and scalable AEOS structure functionality can be extended, even when the system is in use. AEOS combines and integrates processes like intrusion detection, access control and video control, all these processes can be implemented on one Nedap Security Controller.

Category E - Safety and Security Management

Genetec: Security Center 5.1
Unification of Multiple Security Systems
Genetec's Security Center 5.1 is a platform that includes real-time monitoring, alarm management, and event reporting in a simple and unified interface. Bringing together common functionalities of license plate recognition (LPR), video surveillance and access control, the Security Center offers a unified approach to security by merging this all into one easy-to-use platform. The platform is founded on an open and distributed architecture to make it possible for organizations to select their own hardware and optimize the use of their existing infrastructures. It equally provides the flexibility to scale from one camera/door to hundreds or thousands as their needs require.

2nd Place
SeeTec: Multi Solution Platform
Detailed Illustration of the Customer's Needs on a Video Management System
The Multi Solution Platform basic concept is a detailed illustration of the customer's needs on a video management system. The common technical base enables a continuously and unlimited extension of the video solution without installing some new software or change the product. The crucial difference of the Multi Solution Platform in comparison to other video solutions lies in the figure of the indivdual customer needs - far beyond the security world. Different modules for branches like logistics, finance or retail support the business processes by cooperating with the business own software applications.

3rd Place
TKH Security Solutions: Fore!
Smart Security Solution
Fore! is a professional and innovative Smart Security solution. The system offers practical Security Management as well as extensive Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection and Intercom functions. Since Fore! ensures a centralized and integrated approach to Security Management, it promises a powerful Security Management Solution for small and mid-sized enterprises.




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