GIT SECURITY AWARD 2016 – the Winners

07.12.2015 - Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2016. Only three products in each of the five categories could win: Those ones the most readers were voting for - via f...

Again it was a neck-and-neck race for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2016. Only three products in each of the five categories could win: Those ones the most readers were voting for - via fax, letter or online voting on Thanks to all participants!

Category A:Safe Automation

1st Place

Leuze Electronic: RSL 400
Safety Laser Scanners

16 models with ranges of up to 8.25 m and two autonomous protective functions – the user is sure to find the right device here. In combination with the compact design, the devices‘ large scanning angle of 270 degrees is especially advantageous when safeguarding around the corner. The safety laser scanners can be configured not only using Ethernet TCP/IP but also wirelessly via Bluetooth. The creation of protective fields (100 field pairs) and function assignment is easier than ever with application-oriented one-step configuration. A text display with electronic level ensures simple alignment of scanner and robust connection unit. With this mechanical and electrical basis, realignment and readjustment are no longer necessary.

2nd Place

Omron Electronics: F3SG
Safety Light Curtain Series

Investigations done by Omron show that most of required time consuming actions in the life cycle of a safety light curtain is caused by alignment and troubleshooting during operation. Therefore, Omron decided to improve these issues and designed features to reduce the required time dramatically up to 80%. The innovative Smartclick connectors of Omron are one example to reduce time required for wiring and replacement. The light curtains LEDs and the powerful configuration software, that allows logging of signal sequence in muting applications, save troublesome attempts of alignment and prevent unexpected machine stops. In case of an error, operators can use a special QRCode that links to a multilingual special website to check details quickly for trouble shooting and countermeasures.

3rd Place

Wieland Electric: SP-COP2
Compact Safety Control

The new Compact module SP-COP2 is a safety controller and provides in 45 mm housing width 16 safe inputs, 4 safe outputs, 4 user-configurable, safe inputs / outputs, integrated USB and Ethernet interfaces and an SD card slot for the program storage with 512 MB of memory. The SP-COP2 offers industrial Ethernet protocols such as Modbus/TCP, Profinet and Ethernet/IP on-board and can be modularly expanded by further 144 safe inputs / outputs. The projects are realized by the new SamosPlan5+ with hardware configuration, logic programming, offline simulation and analysis of the logic of the project documentation and diagnostics in the operation log and time stamp.

Category B: Fire And Explosion Protection, Industrial Safety

1st Place

Hekatron: Hekatron Remote
Remote Access to Fire Alarm Control Panel

Hekatron Remote allows full-scope access to all functions of the Integral IP fire alarm control panel from any location. Among others, these functions include remote reading of the event memory, central production of a maintenance report by just pushing a button, as well as programming and configuring the control panel by the installer. Hekatron offers two different solutions: Hekatron Remote Professional for installers to access display, control and programming functions, and Hekatron Remote Mobile as APP for installers and operators to access fire alarm control panel display and control functions.

2nd Place

Bosch: Avenar detector 4000
Automatic Fire Detector

The automatic fire detector AVENAR detector 4000 features the ISP technology (Intelligent Signal Processing), and is characterized by accuracy and reliability of detection. Due to the Dual-Ray Technology, visible disturbance values like dust are detected reliably. The eSMOG feature provides robustness against invisible disturbance values (e.g. electromagnetic waves by routers). During operation and maintenance, eSMOG offers constant Measuring of electromagnetic fields. Mid- and long-term averages can be calculated and used to predict the exceeding of threshold values. This safes time and money when it comes to installations and troubleshooting.2015

3rd Place

Tyco: Zettler Profile
Fire Detection System

Zettler Profile is a powerful fire detection system that uses MZX Technology at its heart. Due to the VdS certified MZX Technology, the system is highly resilient to external factors such as electrical noise or sources of false alarm. The new touchscreen user interface with context sensitive help has been ergonomically engineered so that every operation is made easy. Features such as the touch sensitive LEDs that provide detailed status information ensure a fast response to all system events. The sleek and discreet touchscreen user interface can be shallow mounted in many architectural environments. With up to 2000 loop points in a maximum of 8 ring lines the system is positioned for many scenarios.

Category C: CCTV, Videosecurity

1st Place

Geutebruck: G-Scope/3000
Professional Desktop

G-Scope‘s 64-bit video engine guarantees top performance. The integrated GPU acceleration processes images 3 times faster, while the dual database architecture ensures rapid access to stored images and a high level of tamper protection. The HD-based video management solution (with up to 24TBytes storage capacity and 32 IP plus 16 analog cameras) serves as a standalone device, networked for distributed sites or in a centralized system. Integrated video analysis, simple user interfaces and wizard-guided setup make it easy to work with. HW and SW from a single source are perfectly matched. The operating system resides on a separate SSD card. Redundant power supply and application specific VA tools are optional.


2nd Place

Axis: Q61-Series
Dome Camera for Sharp Images Above the Horizon

The dome geometry of the AXIS Q61-Series Sharpdomes prevents the optical contortion which usually appears with domes in the line of horizon. It also enables cameras to offer the unique capability to identify objects as much as 20° above the camera horizon. Another highlight is the so called Speed Dry function: the high-performance engine moves the dome quickly and hereby removes water drops from the bubble. The highly compact construction and features such as 30x optical zoom with up to HDTV 1080p resolution, Lightfinder technology, WDR (130dB) and support electronic image stabilization complete the offering. The cameras are for indoor and outdoor applications.


3rd Place

Mobotix: i25
Hemispheric Indoor Camera

The i25 Hemispheric camera for indoors delivers a high-resolution 180° panorama image with no blind spots and its compact design blends seamlessly into the surroundings. A single i25 covers an entire room from wall to wall. It can replace four conventional CCTV cameras without any problems, saving money in the process. Available with either day or night sensor (color or black/white lens), the i25 is perfectly suited to demanding indoor applications with poor lighting conditions. The i25 also features extremely light-sensitive 5-megapixel sensors and facilitates high-contrast images without motion blur, even in poorly illuminated surroundings, thanks to MxLEO (Lowlight Exposure Optimization). The integrated MxActivitySensor detects even the smallest movements and reduces the number of false alarms.

Category D: Access Control, Intruder Alarm, Perimeter Protection

1st Place

Kaba: evolo smart App
Access Management Using Your Smartphone

The Kaba evolo smart app is a simple access solution that is ideal for smaller businesses such as workshops, shops, petrol stations and handicraft businesses, which only need to secure a few doors. On an NFC-enabled smartphone, this app can be used to capture access media and also to configure the door components (digital cylinders and door fittings), making it quick and easy to load people‘s access rights onto the doors. If any access medium is lost, then simply delete it by using the Kaba app. Access rights can also be assigned to employees for a limited period of time. This free app does not require any internet connection for programming doors – the entire system works locally. No specialist knowledge is required! The hardware installed on doors can be easily transferred to more extensive access management systems at a later point in time, so the investment is secured for the long term.

2nd Place

Uhlmann & Zacher: CX6172
Electronic Door Handle

Be it interior doors, storey doors or connecting doors – the electronic door handle CX6172 in a timeless stainless steel design can be installed in virtually all commercially available doors and controls access to the doors electronically. The complete electronics, mechanical parts, LED signaling as well as power supply have been fitted into the small space of the door handle. The installation in doors – without wiring or need for special tools – takes almost no time at all even if you are not an expert. If required, the door handle can also be controlled via a wireless network. The electronic door handle with its extremely compact construction and minimalistic design is unique to date. It is also very easy to install – the existing mechanical door handle is simply replaced by the electronic door handle – without wiring or special tools. The electronic door handle can be operated offline and online.

3rd Place

Salto: JustIN
Mobile Key Technologie

Salto´s JustIN Mobile Key Technology allows users to use their smartphone to access doors. An end-user only needs to download the JustIN Mobile Key app to his BLE-enabled smartphone and then to communicate to the key issuing authority that he wants to receive his door key via his smartphone. The operator needs only to select from the ProAccess SPACE software to send the encrypted key securely Over The Air (OTA) to the user’s smartphone. With the JustIN Mobile Key app previously installed, the app will alert the user that a new Mobile Key has been received. The user then simply opens the app, receives a greeting including the door number to be opened, taps the key icon on the app as he presents the phone to the BLE-lock. The lock recognises the correct access credentials and opens. Innovation: Use a smartphone as credential. Not limited to a specific telecom operator or handset maker, which means flexibility for the enduser and facility, plus the facility issuing the JustIN Mobile Key can personalize the technology inside their own app if desired. JustIN Mobile Key is a complementary and potentially substitute technology to traditionally issued smartcard credentials.

Category E: Safety And Security Management Vote

1st Place

Bosch Security Systems: EffiLink
IP-Based System Platform For Remote Services

EffiLink is a completely IP-based system platform for services like remote diagnostics and programming. This solution offers a secure connection of customer systems to the Bosch monitoring center via Internet or BoSiNet and is hosted in the Bosch data center in Germany. The continuous surveillance of the system status enables early detection of potential disturbances, which means that an on-site technician would not be needed in certain cases. This improves the availability of systems and saves time and money. Data security on EffiLink is safeguarded at all times by a sophisticated authentication and authorization management. All services have to be actively requested by the customers; remote connections are not possible without the customers’ order. Innovative: Bosch Security Systems is the first supplier of a completely IP-based, manufacturer- and system-neutral Remote Services platform for remote diagnostics and programming in the market.

2nd Place

phg: Permetio/NMT
NFC Mobile Tool And Electronic RFID Furniture Lock

The NFC mobile tool and the battery-operated electronic RFID furniture lock Permetio is a system to use and administrate stand-alone solutions. The RFID furniture lock based on Multi ISO platform (LEGIC SM4200M) is simply integrable in roll-fronted cupboards, drawers, double doors, lockers, glass cabinet. The lock stores authorization and log data. The lock configuration occurs about master-cards or the NFC-Mobile-Tool „NMT“ in combination with a PC software named „Access Manager“. The NMT is a universal handheld-tool for bidirectional communication by RFID HF interface which is powered by rechargeable batterie. The complete system is controlled by the software “Access Manager”. Configuration data are loaded above the interface USB in the NMT and are distributed afterwards mobile to the locks. The mobile collected lock data are loaded on the PC and can be exchanged when required by CSV-file with other systems.

3rd Place

Iscon: SecureScan
Personnel Screener

Utilizing Iscon Imaging’s patented nfrared (IR) imaging technology, SecureScan Whole Body Personnel Screener is a whole-body imaging solution for front-line protection of employees and assets. The SecureScan solution allows users to view objects hidden under clothing, such as weapons or merchandise, ensuring the accurate detection of theft or threats. The innovation: All types of items can be identified with SecureScan whether plastic, metal, powder, wood, ceramic, liquid or encapsulated products, allowing operators to screen for a wide range of merchandise. – The SecureScan displays a high-resolution image from an advanced IR camera on an intuitive touch screen interface, which controls all system administration and management. SecureScan records images securely, adding time and date stamps for use in future prosecutions.



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