GIT SECURITY AWARD 2022 - Winner: Access Control, Intruder Alarm, Perimeter Security

25.11.2021 - The 2022 GSA winners in the "Access Control, Intruder Alarm, Perimeter Security" category have been selected. A neutral jury had examined a shortlist of submitted products and solutions last April and May. We then presented this shortlist of nominees to you, dear reader, for voting from June to August. After counting all votes, we present the winners of the GIT SECURITY AWARDs of all categories here on Congratulations to the creators of the products and solutions!

Ksenia Security: matrix Universal Transmitter

Matrix is a bidirectional universal radio interface connecting low-power third-party motion detectors with the IoT control panel lares 4.0. It is designed to convert any motion detector into wireless systems thanks to the two dedicated inputs detecting the sensor’s sabotages and/or alarms. matrix can be equipped with 3 batteries to power the connected device, providing up to 4500mAh autonomy. Its interface is fully compatible with BXS, VXS, WXI, WXS and QXI Optex motion detectors, and it communicates with them wirelessly through radio signals.

Perinet: MultiSense - Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Monitoring and Control

MultiSense is a holistic solution for perimeter intrusion detection, monitoring and control. The basis of the MultiSense system is an encrypted network (PeriNet) which was specifically developed for the application in outdoor areas. In terms of intrusion detection, different types communicate via the PeriNet network with the centralised server where the decision making takes place. In addition, the PeriNet network interconnects all accesses such as gates, barriers or turnstiles. The browser-based software visualizes the perimeter, informs about intrusions or escapes and offers the possibility to control all accesses intuitively via a digital control panel.

Sorhea: Solaris - Autonomous Active Infrared Barrier

The Solaris is an active infrared barrier consisting of a network of columns that create an immaterial and invisible wall of detection around the site to be protected. The columns communicate an alarm when an intruder cuts the infrared beams as well as filtering any unwanted alarms. Traditionally, IR barriers need cables for power and to send alarm information. The Solaris is an 100% autonomous infrared barrier that is powered by a solar panel and built-in battery. The alarms are communicated via an encrypted mesh radio network to the Maxibus hub that in turn relays the alarm information to third party systems. The Solaris is designed to equip existing sites where there is a real practical or economic interest in removing the civil works.


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