Gloves: Strong Duo Against Cuts

Protective Sleeves and Gloves by Ejendals

08.07.2021 - In everyday work and the working environment, cuts are among the most common accidents at work. About 30 percent of all “non-fatal injuries” are external injuries such as hand-cut wounds.

Ejendals, as a manufacturer of innovative hand and foot protection solutions, offers a strong duo for all applications and areas where innovative cut protection is required, successfully repelling dangers: Tegera 8815 Infinity, is a “problem solver glove” with numerous security attributes.

Certified to Class II Cutting Resistance/Cut F, it is characterized by a particularly robust and durable workmanship, based on a fabric mix of the cut-resistant CRF Omni Technology fiber, nylon and spandex. The glove has excellent grip. Combining the quality glove with the new Tegera sleeves, the entire arm is perfectly protected. The comfortable and light cut protective sleeves are based on the Tegera CRF technology: Cut-resistant high-tech fiber on the one hand prevent injuries caused by sharp-edged objects, metals, glass or other mechanical influences; on the other hand, the particularly comfortable and light fabric convinces especially during physically demanding activities, since it has a cooling effect.

These criteria ensure a particularly high wearing comfort and thus the consistent occupational safety: “In the heat of the battle” the prescribed occupational safety is not taken off, because the wearer feels uncomfortable or restricted. Maximum freedom of movement and flexibility characterizes the cut protection duo – without gaps. The critical transition point from protective sleeves to working glove is secured by the seamless thumb loop on the sleeve. This prevents slipping or free areas of the skin – and this in any working position. Sleeves and gloves as a combination are like a second skin that guarantees maximum comfort. “Accident prevention is our top premise, with these two products and the combination we make a further contribution to employee health,” explains Werner Schwarzberger, Ejendals, Director Ejendals Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



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