Grundig Security is Celebrating an Anniversary – and is Still Producing Innovations

Face and Temperature Recognition

22.12.2020 - The Grundig brand has been around for 70 years – it is found all over the world today. One of the new products in Corona year 2020 is an IP camera. It knows when faces come into view and, for example, can measure the temperature of the person’s brow. Matthias Erler of GIT SECURITY asked Ludwig Bergschneider of Abetechs (Grundig-Security) about it.

GIT SECURITY: Mr. Bergschneider, this is, so to speak, striking while the iron is hot: the IP camera to measure body temperature, and you have just introduced one. How is it being received by the market and where is the most interest coming from?  

Ludwig Bergschneider: The cameras that measure body temperature are being ordered mainly from abroad. And the most demand is coming from public institutions, schools, sports facilities and industry. The cameras are frequently being installed where there is a large flow of people and other methods to measure body temperature are unsuitable. Responsible administrators want to ensure that nobody with a fever enters their building unnoticed. Having a fever is an important indicator of an acute infection.

What are the most important features?

Ludwig Bergschneider: The cameras recognize faces with the help of artificial intelligence and then measure the forehead temperature. This ensures that incorrect measurements caused by other objects are largely avoided. Depending on the camera model, the measurement can be taken at up to 9 meters away. The software that is included then passes on the information. That could be immediately by a PA announcement, a visual or audible signal, by blocking access or more discreetly by sending an email or a push-message to a cellphone. If the customer requires it, and to comply with local legal regulations, the event can be recorded and documented.

What other security-related solutions are there in your portfolio that have become more important during the pandemic?

Ludwig Bergschneider: Our unique behavior analysis capability enables many other things to be recognized in a video sequence. For example, we can detect whether a protective mask is being worn or not, or if people are maintaining distance to one another and if pre-defined limits are being exceeded, which then initiate automatic responses.

The retail industry is particularly badly hit by shutdowns, the obligation to wear a mask and other restrictions. What role can security and video technology play here?

Ludwig Bergschneider: There are industry-specific solutions available for the retail industry. For example it makes sense to monitor the body temperature of customers at shopping centers. But video technology also allows us to count and display the maximum permissible number of people in a shop at any one time. Ensuring that people wear masks is another important function. The visitor frequency and so-called heat maps can be created using modern video equipment.

How are you experiencing this pande­mic? What influence has it had on the­ security market in your opinion, and what mid-term developments do you expect from this?  

Ludwig Bergschneider: At the beginning there was a lot of uncertainty for investors, also in security technology, and also concern about possible interruption of the supply chains. But demand has recovered in the meantime - the reasons to invest in security have, after all, not gone away. Projects that had already begun have also not been halted. Video technology is more innovative today than ever before. I think that this will drive the renewal of existing systems forward, and we have a positive outlook in the mid-term.

You are offering a special guarantee of 70 months at the moment for certain cameras?

Ludwig Bergschneider: Yes, Grundig is 70 years old and we are therefore giving a 70 month guarantee on our products. Our failure rates are very low, so we can build up trust and we want to set a benchmark for our industry.

What new products can we expect in the near future from Grundig?  

Ludwig Bergschneider: We are continuing to combine hardware and software products that are particularly suitable for certain applications. For example, we offer our cameras with license plate recognition already on board. In the future there will be more cameras that are intended for a specific use. This makes it easier to provide industry-specific solutions.


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Media Kit GIT SECURITY 2020 - Media Kits all publications