Jan. 08, 2020

Gunnebo and Loomis U.S. Partner to Drive Retail Growth

Gunnebo has announced a partnership with Loomis U.S, where the CIT company will bring a highly-integrated cash deposit smart safe to retailers in the U.S.

The seamless integration of Gunnebo's smart cash deposit technology to Loomis’ core systems will enable retailers to expand and deliver superior customer service, while driving security, process improvements and cost efficiencies across retail operations.

“We are delighted to partner with Loomis, a well-known specialist in creating efficient cash flow and handling of cash,” said Stefan Syrén, President and CEO of Gunnebo. “Together, we are leveraging the experience of two industry leaders to provide existing and new retail customers a collaboration of the highest service levels combined with a world-class smart deposit solution.”

The solution, named Titan Z smart safe, provides secure, reliable, and efficient cash processing for undercounter use in retail operations.

Vice President of SafePoint for Loomis Moises Gonzalez said, “With Gunnebo as our partner, we are able to expand our current portfolio of cash automation solutions and provide a compact, high-performance cash-handling option to retailers with low cash volumes.”


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