Dec. 04, 2017

Gunnebo Extends ATM Safes Partnership with NCR

The Gunnebo Group has extended its supply agreement with leading omni-channel solutions provider, NCR, to supply ATM safes to the Columbus, Georgia plant.

Gunnebo will supply the safes from its Halol factory in India, providing NCR with a competitive solution for the US market. The Columbus plant, located in Georgia, USA, has an annual demand for ATM safes worth approximately $6 million.

World’s Foremost Supplier of ATM Safes
Gunnebo has a longstanding relationship with NCR with whom it has worked closely over the years to ensure its ATM safes meets the highest of quality standards.

Through its partnership with NCR and other ATM manufacturers around the globe, Gunnebo is the world’s biggest supplier of ATM safes.

“We are proud to be expanding our scope with NCR,” says Gunnebo’s President & CEO Henrik Lange. “We are dedicated to helping NCR in its journey to reduce cost and improve margins in its ATM business.”

Delivery of ATM safes to NCR in Columbus will begin during the fourth quarter of 2017.


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