Feb. 03, 2010

Gunnebo strengthens its CCTV offering

VisioCast - A new digital recording system

In order to assert its position on the digital recorder and server market, Gunnebo, one of the world's leading suppliers of integrated security systems and services, is adding to its CCTV offering with a new range: VisioCast, based on an "intelligent" digital recording system. VisioCast can be adapted to meet the specific requirements and configurations of the sites to be monitored, and integrates into Gunnebo's SMI server supervision system, providing optimum global management of all security features.

The VisioCast range: power and scalability

VisioCast integrates a digital recorder server and a multiplexing video matrix for displaying several image feeds simultaneously, and for recording, storing and retrieving images later on for analysis and processing. The solution can be completely adapted to the management systems of centralised facilities and includes a set of remote managing applications to make accessing images and controlling cameras easier, as well as carrying out configuration, maintenance and technical supervision operations.

The Hybrid version can be used with both analogue and IP cameras, while the Full IP version is perfectly suited to environments where all equipment needs to be IP-based. VisioCast is a flexible system that has been developed as a series of modules that can be customised to suit specific client requirements. This solution has numerous advantages for companies wanting to implement customisable systems that can be modified in accordance with specific security requirements, the site in question, existing installations, the IT network and the desired functional services.

General characteristics:

  • 4 to 32 synchronised video and audio channels

  • 2 SVGA outputs

  • 1 HDMI output

  • 1 multiplexed output, expandable equipment

  • Recording in up to 5 megapixels

  • H.264 and MPEG-4 video compression

  • Recording speed of 100 to 800 ips, depending on the system

  • Internal disk capacity of between 500 GB and 7 TB

  • Hardware options: additional hard drive space, RAID configuration, backup power supply, etc.

  • Software options: panoramic view, crowd detection, image processing and improvement, etc.

  • Compatibility with a broad range of IP cameras on the market

  • Integration into the SMI Server supervision system

  • Interfacable with point-of-sale terminals or barcode readers.

VisioCast can also adapt to the characteristics of a company network with the help of an integrated surveillance and bandwidth management utility.

This can be used to monitor, allocate and limit bandwidth on a per-user or per-system basis, so that it can be used without disrupting the company's usual applications.

For use alongside the VisioCast offer, Gunnebo has put together a wide range of the best analogue and IP video cameras on the market: standard, discreet mini-dome cameras, with integrated infrared lighting, specific domes or cameras. By offering a global solution that combines hardware equipment and integrated software in a single CCTV system, Gunnebo is freeing its clients from a number of technical constraints and is supporting companies in choosing a powerful solution with high added value. With VisioCast, the Group is pursuing its aim of providing innovative solutions that are based on the very latest technologies available on the market.


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