Apr. 15, 2017

Hanwha Techwin Global Partnership with Nvidia

Hanwha Techwin’s security business group, under the leadership of President Lee Man-Seob, has agreed to establish a partnership with AI (Artificial Intelligence) company Nvidia. This is intended to strengthen the competitiveness of AI-based security products and solutions.   

Nvidia is a US-based company which has pioneered modern computer graphics and has achieved success through the development and manufacturing of GPUs (Graphic Processing Units). Recently, Nvidia has been leading the AI technology field by revealing GPUs for computers, robots and self-driving cars, based on Deep Learning algorithms.

Through this global partnership, Hanwha Techwin and Nvidia are planning to collaborate on the intelligent video analysis platform which is currently being developed by Nvidia.

Deep Learning
Nvidia's intelligent video analysis platform will feature AI GPUs based on Deep Learning on security devices, such as cameras and storage media, which will allow for fast and accurate video analysis data that provides meaningful information to customers rather than giving simple video data to them.

Hanwha Techwin plans to concentrate on developing AI cameras and storage devices capable of autonomously detecting abnormal movements and situations by utilising the AI video analysis platform from Nvidia.

In addition, the platform can be applied to various solutions from Hanwha Techwin, including city surveillance, retail  and traffic, etc. This will lead to the integration of AI based solutions, allowing the company to move forward as a security specialist with hardware and software capabilities, alongside future-oriented technologies and competitive AI.

“Our collaboration with Nvidia allows us to take a step towards future security solutions based on AI and deep learning to continue to strengthen our technological competitiveness in this market,” said Lee Man-Seob, President & CEO of the Hanwha Techwin Security Business Group.


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