High Security Experience: Combining Flawless Security With Intuitiveness

26.04.2023 - French specialist in identification solutions STid is definitely on an impressive growth curve. For many years in a row the company has shown increases in sales volumes and financial results. A clear vision on market needs and an ambitious and matching innovation strategy are major drivers behind this success. GIT SECURITY has asked Vincent Dupart, CEO of STid, about their success story and the upcoming IFSEC event, where STid will be present.

GIT SECURITY: How do you explain STid’s success?

Vincent Dupart: STid is growing at a record pace with 120 % growth over the last two years. We are present in more than 60 countries on 5 continents. Our vision on security apparently fully meets the expectations of the market, the need for freedom of choice with open technologies in particular. We guarantee organizations independent and autonomous management of their security. This freedom is vital for STid: Our customers are not locked into a solution or restricted by proprietary technologies. We are also known for our high security standards. We provide end-to-end security between the card and the reader (with Mifare Desfire EV2/EV3 technologies and Vcards of STid Mobile ID), and between the reader and the controller/LPU with systems capable of supporting OSDP and SSCP protocols.

Innovation plays a key role in this growth. What is your vision?

Vincent Dupart: We have always believed in releasing technological solutions that support our users in doing their jobs or live their lives. The QR code or four advanced function buttons with our OSDP touch screen reader are good examples. We never release any product without seriously considering both usability aspects and security aspects. Security technology should not be in the way of people and people should feel supported by the technology.
When we released STid Mobile ID, it was not just a solution that would allow you to use your phone as an access control credential, but it would offer a new experience of identification and authentication. All you need is to tap your phone, or us it hands-free or you authenticate your identity by biometrics. Our customers can decide how to best adapt the solution to their needs and requirements, related both to usability and security. Indeed, our solutions have always combined two contradictory needs: The necessity of a seamless user experience and the requirement for flawless security by the security departments. And, of course, we always made sure our high security solutions are scalable, future-proofed and can easily adapt to the continuous evolution of customer needs.

So what do you showcase at IFSEC this year?

Vincent Dupart: Our approach is focused on user needs and on the benefits that the user can get from high security. At this year’s IFSEC, various areas of demonstrations will highlight the challenges of security departments: How do you ensure that the access control solution deployed is secure? What level of security should I choose? What exactly do we mean by simplified access management?
Visitors will experience live demos of high security identification, based on the power of our STid Mobile ID platform, the comprehensive range of scalable and high security Architect readers and the performance of our Spectre range. We will also demonstrate why our identification solutions are scalable and how we support the migration towards intuitive and secure solutions with our 125 kHz module. I think visitors will see great demonstrations of combining flawless security with intuitiveness.


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