May. 29, 2020

Hikvision: New Temperature Screening Integration

  • With the new features, operators can instantly respond to any elevated temperatures detected. (Photo: Hikvision)With the new features, operators can instantly respond to any elevated temperatures detected. (Photo: Hikvision)

Hikvision recently announced a new temperature screening integration with their Milestone XProtect versions 2020R1. The plugin-based integration enables the XProtect Smart Client to display skin-surface temperatures in the live feed and receive elevated temperature alarms. 

With the new desktop notification feature in the 2020R1 release, operators get instant notification and can respond to any elevated temperatures detected. The new series of Hikvision AI-powered thermal cameras designed for temperature detection – including the DS-2TD2617B, DS-2TD1217B, DS-2TD2636B, and DS-2TD2637B models – are fully supported in Milestone’s XProtect via the Hikvision generic driver released in the latest Milestone device Driver Pack.

“We are excited that we are able to merge together the latest AI-powered camera technology from Hikvision with the powerful, and multi-functional VMS software from Milestone. This enables both existing and new installations to effectively support the detection of elevated skin temperatures so as to achieve rapid preliminary screening in public areas with high efficiency in a multitude of scenarios,” says Jens Berthelsen, Global Partner Alliance Manager at Hikvision.

With the new integration, operators can display accurate temperature measurement within 0.5°C in the Smart Client, trigger alarms based on user-defined temperature thresholds and show alarms in the Smart Client Alarm View. For this, further attentive viewing options are also available via the Smart Client and XProtect Matrix configurations.

The plugin and configuration guides are available for download on the Hikvision Technology Partner Portal. The integration is free to download and install.


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