How to turn your smartphone into a surveillance camera

03.04.2023 - Find out how to use your smartphone to make video surveillance mobile and profit from the advantages of QR and bar codes or RFID scanning.

Geutebrück April 2023
With the SmartphoneConnect app, images and videos can be recorded (audio optionally) on the go and uploaded to the video management system in real time (Image: Geutebrück)


How to document incidents outside video-monitored areas? The most recent technology is the use of smartphones as mobile cameras. Mobile cameras are better suited for documentation than permanently installed ones. These can be guard tours, documentation of incoming and outgoing goods, evidence of conditions such as damage, and much more.

“Many customers want to record incidents outside the viewing areas of their fixed cameras. They need details the fixed cameras cannot show based on the installed resolution," says Katharina Geutebrück, Geutebrück's managing director, explaining how the product idea came up. Therefore Geutebrück developed an app for cell phones. With the SmartphoneConnect app, images and videos can be recorded (audio optionally) on the go and uploaded to the video management system in real time.

Data protection and data security are particularly in focus. That is why data are transferred to the video management system via an encrypted WiFi or LTE connection. If there is no connection or it goes down during recording, then data are cached on the smartphone. Once the connection is restored, all data are automatically recorded in the system and deleted from the smartphone. The video management system can never be accessed via the cell phone itself. Therefore, all the data are always protected even if the cell phone is lost or stolen.

Another plus is the tamper-proof and court-proof GBF format. All sequences with the associated metadata are protected against manipulation and can be exported in a secure manner. Incidents can also be documented over the long term.

The app is in demand by authorities such as public order offices, which use it, for example, to document vandalism, violations of traffic regulations or illegal waste dumping in real time. "Customers who scan QR and barcodes or require RFID data are particularly enthusiastic about the SmartphoneConnect app," Katharina Geutebrück tells us. For example, the condition of incoming and outgoing goods is not only documented, but also directly assigned to the corresponding shipment. This information will be transferred to ERP system. Companies are thus able to protect themselves against unjustified complaints. Locating presumed lost shipments is made much easier. Goods in the external warehouse are also recorded and documented simply.

Security service managers using SmartphoneConnect can supplement their electronic guard books as their tour is documented by video. If RFID tags are scanned and GPS data is stored, it is ensured that the tour has actually taken place. Security guards are able to report incidents such as technical defects or graffiti immediately so can be dealt with quickly.

Companies that offer rental services also benefit. These could be car rental companies or rental companies for construction machinery and garden equipment. Damages are documented by picture or video. If a scan code or RFID is attached to the cars, caravans or machines, a damage can be directly assigned to them. This enables companies to order repairs more quickly. Insurance claims can also be processed easier.

"We are particularly pleased with the feedback from our customers that the SmartphoneConnect app helps to simplify and optimize work processes," says Katharina Geutebrück. Customers benefit from the fact that existing systems can be flexibly expanded, as smartphones and fixed cameras be combined as desired. In this way, video security also serves to add value.

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