i-Pro secures lead limes and stable prices across the i-Pro line-up

07.07.2022 - The secured inventory of industrial components enables i-Pro to manufacture and deliver products without restrictions.

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With global supply chain issues, technology component shortages and rising price pressures technology manufacturers are facing a challenging time. The result are regularly extended delivery dates and product price increases. Unlike several other players in the market i-Pro has announced that the company is not suffering from product availability issues or component shortages. By securing sufficient technology components such as chipsets and semiconductors, i-Pro can assemble and deliver the products without restrictions. In order to be able to meet the demand for standard models required for project and run-rate business, the company has established a Quick Delivery Service for either from our European warehouse (2-4 days) or from the factory (2-4 weeks) covering the key models inside the i-Pro range. In addition, the company has also committed to maintain the prices of its cameras, including the AI-enabled models, despite global pricing pressures.

To be able to announce this positive message, going against the tide of the rest of the industry, is the result of several important steps that have been taken over the last months. Since the establishment of i-Pro the company has made the commitment to be the trusted next-generation partner for the security industry, by listening closely to customers and rapidly bringing solutions to market to meet their needs. i-Pro has also put in place several important factors that would make the company a flexible and agile manufacturer and allow it to bring certainty and stability to the partners and customers.

Among the factors was the establishment of direct procurement routes. As an agile new business, i-Pro was able to establish multiple supply sources for key components. As a result, the company has assured a safe pipeline of chips, semi-conductors and other key components. In addition, i-Pro has raised the investment in product development by 150% and moved to a modular design approach for its security cameras. This requires less components to be kept in stock, enables the manufacturing facilities to produce more cameras faster and allows new products to be rapidly developed and introduced to the market. This fiscal year i-Pro is launching over 100 new camera models to meet the increasing and varying customer demand for different requirements – from traditional security to innovative industry 4.0 applications. Also, the establishment of a central European warehouse in the Netherlands enables quick delivery and retaining higher levels of the key models to ensure supply can always be met. Importantly, i-Pro has also invested in and revitalised its channel partner programme. By working more closely than ever with its partners, i-Pro is able to monitor opportunities and demand more closely and match production to meet those market requirements.

By combining more than 60 years’ experience of security camera manufacturing at Panasonic with this agile new i-Pro business model, the company has been able to respond to the challenges of the global supply chain and still meet the needs of its partners and customers during this delicate period. As the trusted next-generation partner, it is i-Pro’s mission and commitment to its partners to equip them with the right products, at the right time, and at the right price to enable them to grow their business.

i-Pro EMEA is a leading security camera manufacturer set to become your trusted next generation partner for open AI cyber-secured edge computing devices. The company was established in 2021 as a business transfer from Panasonic in Europe, is headquartered in Amsterdam and part of the Japan-based i-Pro Co., Ltd. global company network.

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