IPS: Video Management System Software Update

22.06.2022 - Zone and object masking, as well as people loitering

The latest software release from IPS Intelligent Video Software, Securiton’s technology brand, has a lot to offer with new, helpful developments. Both the IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics and the Client have been expanded with practical functions in view of future applications for even more user-friendliness.

A further two important functions have now been integrated into the new generation of NextGen VideoAnalytics with the aim of combining all IPS’ video analytics. On the one hand, alarms can be triggered if people stay in an area for too long. On the other hand, detected objects can be masked so that they are not recognizable. Previously, licenses for these two functions had to be purchased individually and were therefore more expensive. The combined video analytics are now available for fixed cameras and can be easily configured.
The newly integrated analytics function to protect privacy ensures that persons or objects are not recognizable in order to comply with data protection guidelines, for example. The user can mask an entire zone over a large area or make moving persons and other objects disappear behind a colored area. Zone and object masking can be set to be reversible or irreversible, depending on the license. The detection of people loitering can also be configured very easily. The permitted dwell time for a person or an object can be set by clicking on an object symbol that has previously been placed in a zone. If it exceeds the set value, an alarm is triggered.

Rules and Alarms

The number of independently adjustable rules has also been increased from two to three. This gives the user even more flexibility in the various application scenarios, such as entering a zone, staying in a zone for a longer period of time or masking people or objects within the zone. The corresponding alarm type can be set for each rule. “By adding the two functions of privacy protection and loitering detection, the new analytics are even more powerful,” says Peter Treutler, director, IPS Intelligent Video Software. “The user benefits from simple operation and the freedom of being able to individually configure various applications and being well prepared in the event of danger.”
With 3D support and georeferencing, IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics can now also control PTZ cameras. The 3D coordinates are determined and, in combination with the IPS Dome Tracker video analytics, intruders are automatically tracked without manual intervention by the operator.

Easy Searching

The IPS NextGen Client also offers remarkable new features - for example, a user-optimized search function that facilitates the subsequent search for incidents. The operator has three options for the recording search: he can search directly in a camera list, check only the alarm recordings or view all recordings. In addition, the time period in which the search is to be carried out can be set. The operator can refine the search further with versatile filter options. IT security is also not neglected in the new release: the latest TLS 1.3 encryption standards are applied that only allow login with authentication and strict password functions, both in the client and for the video manager itself. The Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 operating systems are also supported.


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