Keyless Access Management with SAG Smart Access

24.08.2022 - Schulte-Schlagbaum AG offers a smart solution for optimized building automation.

Smart building control systems are already in use in many hotels, offices, clinics, universities and administration buildings. Digital access control makes it possible to organise and manage access rights simply and efficiently.

Schulte-Schlagbaum AG’s hardware and software for keyless access management provide a smart solution for optimised building automation. Access to doors, lockers and protected resources can be controlled from anywhere and everywhere using electronic locking systems. With the SAG Smart Access system, various identification options can be individually selected as needed: via smartphones and Bluetooth, RFID transponders/cards or using a PIN code – these options can also be flexibly combined with each other if desired.

SAG Smart Access works with an open system for a variety of apps, which help to conveniently organise access rights in a mobile manner via cloud-based systems and platforms, for example. Once a user has been identified, they will receive the corresponding authorisations directly on their smartphone. In this way, cabinets, lockers and safe deposit boxes can be flexibly assigned and booked on a mobile basis, and their statuses can be monitored. Keyless entry, smart cabinet locking and preventive monitoring can be optimally combined with the smart, modular and scalable SAG system.


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