Kiwa First Associate Member Euralarm

21.09.2020 -

Euralarm has welcomed its first associate member: Kiwa, a trusted and proven partner in the field of fire safety and security. The autonomous global company is specialized in testing, inspection, certification, training and consultancy services. With these services Kiwa contributes among others to the quality, safety and sustainability of organisation’s products, services and processes.

The associate membership is a result of Kiwa’s Fire Lab, located in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands that opened less than a year ago. Here, the company certifies fire products on average three times faster than its competitors. As Sabyne van Mourik, business unit manager at Kiwa, explains: “Kiwa enables easy market access for everyone who wants to introduce electrical or electronic equipment - related to fire safety, security or EMC - to the European market or even the world. We test products for example against the EN 54 or EN 14604 standard.”

Associate Membership
Kiwa is the first organization that became associate member of Euralarm. Only recently Euralarm opened the doors for associate members to work together with other members to keep Europe a safe place to live, work and relax. The associate membership allows companies to make personal connections with technical and political experts, share expertise on standardisation and be heard and influence standardisation and legislative processes. Associate members like Kiwa will stay in touch with the latest trends in regulation and technology and have direct access to a repository of Euralarm documentation produced by Euralarm members and its professional team. Associate members are also welcome to network with industry experts during the annual Euralarm Symposium and other expert events.

Grow and Intensify Network
Sabyne van Mourik on the associate membership: “We build long-lasting relationships by offering customized testing services tailored specifically to the needs of our customers, and we will offer guidance and support every step along the way. We aim to be both flexible and market oriented by allowing customers to closely participate in planning the testing process. With our associate membership we plan to grow and intensify our network in the fire safety and security industry. And I think we have a lot to offer as well. Our expertise is not only limited to the traditional fire safety and security topics but also covers data security management, cyber security, social security, alarm and emergency management systems and procedures, alarm transmission chain, vehicle security, domotic components, connections and electrical and explosion safety. And with Kiwa NCP and Kiwa R2B we offer companies one-stop-shops for every part of the testing, inspection and certification chain. That ranges from one stop shops for product certification and process certification via personal certification to inspection certificates. For every service, a specialized team guides customers through the process, from first contact to the final certification and after sales.”



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