Mar. 27, 2013

L-3 Explosives Detection System Chosen by U.K. Airport Operator

L-3 Security & Detection Systems (SDS) announced today that it has received an order for 12 eXaminer XLB explosives detection systems (EDS) from LHR, a leading U.K. airport operator.

With its ability to scan over 1,200 bags per hour, the eXaminer XLB is the first dual-energy TSA-certified system to meet the industry's high-speed EDS classification and achieve EU Standard 3 approval under the Common Evaluation Program (CEP) of Security Equipment.
"We are very pleased that LHR has selected our advanced high-speed system," said Thomas M. Ripp, president of L-3 Security & Detection Systems. "Using dual-energy CT provides additional data that conventional single-energy CTs cannot deliver. The threats to aviation are evolving, and we believe the XLB is uniquely positioned to address them."

The eXaminer XLB generates high-resolution 3-D image data for explosives detection by combining helical CT with dual-energy imaging. With 3-D Continuous Flow CT technology, the system generates high-resolution, medical-quality images in real time. Advanced tools include 360-degree rotational views of entire bags and individual threat objects, allowing operators to quickly and confidently clear bags for flight or designate bags for search.

Since 1998, L-3 SDS has used medical-grade imaging technology developed for aviation security with an understanding of the complex demands faced by airport personnel and regulatory agencies around the globe. Over 1,000 eXaminer systems have been deployed at airports domestically and internationally and supported by L-3's world-class service organization.




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