Nov. 21, 2017

Magos Systems Launches a New Perimeter Security Radar

  • Scepter perimeter security radar by MagosScepter perimeter security radar by Magos
  • Scepter perimeter security radar by Magos
  • Magos A Scepter Radar installed in Europe

Magos launches the Scepter perimeter security radar. The product joins Magos’ line of perimeter security radars bringing advanced radar technology to the security market 

The Scepter (SR-1000) is Magos' long range addition to their advanced and cost effective perimeter protection detection solutions for both rural and more saturated environments, without compromising detection performance. 

By utilizing state of the art Mimo & Digital beam forming technology it covers an area of more than 500,000m2(>120 acres) with a detection range of up to 1000m for walker/vehicle/boat and even drones at up to 250m, and yet consumes extremely low power (<5W). It boasts an ultra-high range accuracy giving it excellent performance in cluttered environments.  

Its small size, low power consumption and low weight make it simple to install and renders it ideal as a deployable system as well. The Scepter connects to Magos' Mass control software enabling integration to all leading Video Management Software (Genetec, Avigilion, Milestone, Exacq, Latitude to name a few). This allows the user to stay on the same management platform whilst drastically augmenting the detection layer of the perimeter with the best technology available. 

Magos' radars detect at all weather and light conditions and their Mass control software automatically cues Onvif compliant PTZ cameras to the detections according to target profile. All events are logged in the VMS allowing the user to utilize the VMS capabilities-Mobile device operation, video debriefing etc.   
Magos radars are operational in over 20 countries, protecting numerous seaports and various critical infrastructure.


MAGOS Systems
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