Milestone releases XProtect 2022 R3

11.10.2022 - The Video Management System with enhancements in incident management, LRP, and user experience

The new XProtect 2022 R3 VMS update builds upon previous innovations to deliver a streamlined, integrated, easy-to-use, yet very powerful user experience. With this latest product update, Milestone Systems continues to advance enterprise-level video technology to meet the market’s rising demand for comprehensive, best-in-class video technology solutions.

The R3 update refines and improves upon what VMS users need most; reliable, powerful, easy to use and manage, open platform solutions that offer the flexibility and security to meet any video management need. By extending Incident Manager’s intuitive capabilities across the XProtect family of products, and by incorporating several other user experience and system performance enhancements, 2022 R3 is a highly recommended software update for all XProtect users.

XProtect Incident Manager Expansion

Incident Manager, introduced in 2022 R2, is now available as a licensed extension for XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+ and XProtect Expert. Incident Manager allows users to manage incidents directly in their VMS and connect video footage with incidents as they unfold — with a single button click. When the incident is over, users can stop the capture and start filling in incident details. Incident types are fully configurable, allowing users to define incident types and details for reporting. Configuration options include free text, drop-down lists, dates and time fields, and several other options. Previously recorded footage can also be added to an incident to strengthen the evidence.

LPR Performance Improvements

XProtect 2022 R3 features a range of license plate recognition performance improvements. The newly updated LPR feature enables users to recognize, sort and bundle license plate types by analyzing and recognizing different types of motor vehicles more efficiently. Depending on the country’s plate style, users will be able to differentiate trucks from private cars, or even police cars, limousines, and buses from other vehicle types. Similarly, some countries have separate plates for gas-driven or electric cars, which can also now be readily identified through LPR.

2022 R3 Update Overview

XProtect 2022 R3 also delivers SSO support in Web and Mobile Client, and several UX, search and performance updates.

Overview of enhancements within XProtect 2022 R3:

  • XProtect Incident Manager is now available as a licensed extension for XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+ and XProtect Expert
  • Search enhancements for XProtect Management Client, and XProtect Smart Client
  • UX improvements to XProtect Smart Client and XProtect Web Client
  • SSO (Single Sign On) support through external IDPs in XProtect Web and XProtect Mobile
  • Mobile Device Management in XProtect Mobile
  • Accessing XProtect Mobile via biometry or other device credentials
  • General performance improvements to XProtect LPR


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