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GIT SECURITY Follows the Introduction of a New Generation of Locking Technology from SimonsVoss

09.09.2021 - SimonsVoss is entering a new era of digital locking technology with the Digital Cylinder AX. The system is setting forward-looking innovation standards in terms of security, functionality, energy efficiency and scope of services. Outstanding ease of installation and convenience make the system market-ready to exceed the expectations of both market partners and users.

“The technological basis of the Digital Cylinder AX is formed by the new AX system platform,” explains Oliver Brandmeier, head of product management. “Other core elements include developments in operational reliability and stability, the modular design as well as fast and efficient commissioning.” The AX system platform provides a guarantee for the new cylinder’s future-proof communication with all variants and options of the established reader types (active, passive, and hybrid), the standard Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface, the initial rapid programming and the option of mobile reprogramming via a smartphone app using BLE. “This means programming in just a few seconds” says Tobias Lerzer, the product manager responsible. “You can also read access lists or directly open doors in an emergency via BLE using the new SmartSync service app.”

Protected Actuator Electronics
The AX system platform is also synonymous with maximum security: the actuator electronics with an integrated Secure Element are located behind the drilling protection element in the cylinder core. The Secure Element stores the encrypted system data, is an integral part of authentication and cannot be manipulated from the outside. It is a technology that Apple also uses in their new iPhones. The AX principle, which is also used in other products with readers in outside areas, provides visual and audible feedback for the Digital Cylinder AX and allows the battery to be replaced at any time. Further improvements in the feel and the ergonomics of the cylinder’s compact knobs has made them even easier to grip.

Battery Capacity of up to 12 Years on Stand-by
An important element in operational reliability is the extreme longevity of the new cylinder: “We have been able to further improve the current, highly reliable cylinder in this respect. The system easily attains the highest durability class 6 specified in EN 15684,” explains Lerzer. “This corresponds to 100,000 test cycles. In an additional voluntary test, we had an accredited testing institute perform 1,500,000 mechanical actuations (corresponding to 750,000 test cycles).” The cylinder’s standard version also attains the maximum drilling protection class 2 as per EN 15684, which is noteworthy in the market.

There is also an additional VdS version with additional drilling protection to meet greater protection requirements. An important factor during development was the energy efficiency and the longest possible stand-by time. “This is crucial for battery life,” explains Lerzer, “because stand-by ac-counts for 99.9% of the operating time. Although the extremely powerful AX platform with the new actuators requires more energy during operation due to its nature, we can offer the longest battery service life by far compared with the competition, with up to 12 years on stand-by.” This capacity has allowed us to increase the already very long standby times in the current cylinder generation. In terms of operating costs, this means savings of up to 90% on an average system over a period of 10 years.

Greater Flexibility, Less Installation Work
Less complexity in planning and production and shorter turnaround times are the key advantages of the Digital Cylinder AX’s modular design. Different versions and options are available for all reader variants and designs, including hybrid and half cylinders. The option of length adjustment reduces the effort of installation on site. Short cylinders, glass door cylinders and other options in the product range significantly increase the Digital Cylinder AX’s application potential.

Typical of the company’s other products, this new solution can be rapidly installation and commissioning of the cylinder. It can be installed in just a few seconds with no need for special tools and initial programming takes very little time at all. “With the new Digital Cylinder AX, we are continuing our success story as a pioneer in digital locking cylinders, concludes Lerzer.


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