Jan. 31, 2017

New CEO of Glutz AG: Alexander Bradfisch

  • Alexander Bradfisch, appointed CEO of Glutz AGAlexander Bradfisch, appointed CEO of Glutz AG

Glutz AG has an age-based regulation in place for the succession of the operative top management for the purpose of sustainability and continuity. After 20 years as CEO, Peter Riedweg handed over the reins to his successor, Alexander Bradfisch, at the end of 2016. 

Peter Riedweg will remain with the company as a Senior Advisor. In this role, he also assumed a position on the supervisory board of Glutz AG at the beginning of the year. Theo Strausak, President of the Supervisory Board of Glutz Holding AG: ‘When Peter Riedweg took over at Glutz AG in 1997, the company found itself in a very difficult economic environment. He was able to bring the company back on course and then put Glutz in a leading position in the sector with innovative products and ideas. I sincerely thank Peter Riedweg for his work and contribution to the success of Glutz AG.’

The supervisory board selected Alexander Bradfisch to become the new CEO as of 01 January 2017. The 43-year-old German citizen completed his education in industrial management at BASF and later received a degree in international economics. Mr Bradfisch has extensive management and leadership experience based on a successful career as a controller, sales controller, sales manager and business manager at renowned, international and primarily family-operated companies, such as Fielmann, the Mahle Group and GEZE. Mr Bradfisch has gathered experience in the sector over the past decade in management and leadership positions at Geze GmbH, Geze Service GmbH and Bosch Sicherheitstechnik GmbH. Mr Bradfisch is married with a one-year-old daughter.

‘Alexander Bradfisch is a motivated, recognised and internationally seasoned management personality. With his profound experience in the sector and impressive record of achievement, he has the optimal requirements for the operative management of Glutz AG and to assure the continued development of our company,’ said Theo Strausak.  

‘I look forward to the coming challenges that I hope to solve together with the committed Glutz Team. This includes the long-term safeguarding of our production location in Switzerland and expansion into international markets,’ said Alexander Bradfisch, new CEO of Glutz AG.

In the process, he underscores the goal of bolstering the company’s market position in Switzerland and expanding the market share in international markets. ‘I am familiar with Glutz as a traditional Swiss company with an outstanding reputation whose relationships with business partnerships are based on long-term cooperation. Therefore, I am very excited about a long-term commitment to Glutz. I already have a number of contacts in Switzerland, both professionally and privately, that I can now develop when I move my family to the Solothurn region,’ said Bradfisch.


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