Jan. 15, 2017

Official intersec Dubai App by GIT SECURITY

Programmed for Success!

Available free of charge: the new version of the official show app intersec Dubai by GIT SECURITY for the next Intersec show (January 22-24, Dubai/UAE). Download the app and enjoy, use the new features. Just click on the store logos for iOS or Android, and you will enter the stores.


GIT SECURITY and Messe Frankfurt Middle East, the organizer of Intersec, present the Official intersec Dubai App by GIT SECURITY to all visitors.

In 2016 already, GIT SECURITY provided the official intersec app.

Now, it has improved features to include a 3D floor plan, show highlights, themed tours and many interactive contact options, to make it the ideal companion. The 2017 version is available now, make the most of your visit and download it today.

Keep an Overview
Let yourself be navigated directly to the exhibitors with the dynamic 2D/3D-floor plan. The app determines your location: so, it is easy to get to any exhibitor in no time. Also, with a few clicks you'll find important information about the exhibitors and the exhibition - on your smartphone or tablet of course. In case you want to add  a comment or a picture of your conversation partner, you can fill up the app with your personal content.

It's simple matchmaking!
"My intersec" has proven to be very handy and was therefore very well received. Under the "Theme Tour" tab you can design your own personal Tour: the app will navigate you around specific topics (e.g. fire safety).

At an exhibition like intersec Dubai with thousands of exhibitors and many hallways, orientation is a huge time safer. The official intersec app shows the visitors exactly where to go. It provides a modern and mobile overview on your smartphone. All that is a "must see" at Intersec. With a 3D floor plan, highlights, theme tours, many contact options and more.

GIT SECURITY recommends
Use the list of exhibitors to gain information about access control. This year, we had companies like Abus (Smartvest wireless alarm system), Paxton (building management system Paxton10), Nedap (Aeos-access control platform), SimonsVoss (SmartHandle) and Evva on board as a sponsor.

But see for yourself: get the app from Google Play or iTunes. Download the new 2017 version now!

Available in the stores: The Official Intersec Dubai App.

Read Whitepaper:
If you are an exhibitor and want to advertise within the Official intersec Dubai App, then open the Whitepaper to see what was is offered.

The GIT SECURITY team is excited about the next intersec and to present themselves as an official media partner of the exhibition.



Messe Frankfurt Middle East
P.O. Box 26761
United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 3380102
Telefax: +971 4 3380102
ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG
Linker Kreuthweg 5
86444 Affing
Phone: +49 8207 95990 0
EVVA Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
Höffgeshofweg 30
47807 Krefeld
Phone: +49 2151 37 36-0
Telefax: +49 2151 37 36-5635
SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH
Feringastr. 4
85774 Unterföhring
Phone: +49 89 99228 0
Telefax: +49 89 99228 222
Paxton Access GmbH
Bennigsen-Platz 1
40474 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 251 2080 6900
Telefax: -

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