Jan. 13, 2010

Panasonic System Solutions and Panasonic Communications Company to Merge

Earlier in 2009 Panasonic reported its decision to merge the business operations of Panasonic System Solutions PSS, a division that markets professional CCTV systems including Super Dynamic 5, iPro and peripheral devices, Panasonic Communications Company Ltd PCC (a division that markets business telephone systems as Network Communications Group and Home Networking products such as DECT phones and IP cameras) and Document Solutions to become Panasonic System Networks Europe (PSNE). Panasonic can provide the following European update now.

Simon Wright, Deputy Managing Director of PSNE, explains the advantages of the merger which is aimed at converging company expertise; "The amalgamation of experience and expertise will support Panasonic's strategy to unite communications and security networking products. The net result is aimed at driving a strong competitive edge for Panasonic and their customers through the delivery of products that are designed for the new network age. In turn this will also benefit business scalability for the new organisation; Panasonic System Networks Europe, giving stronger solutions to our customers.

Purpose of Business Reorganisation and Integration

Panasonic System Solutions has an edge in the visual business while Panasonic Communications Company has an advantage in the communication business. In response to a trend in demand and expectation that is gradually moving away from analogue towards digital CCTV, communications and peripheral products, Panasonic will reorganise and integrate PSS and PCC to promote more effective management of resources and management structure improvement. The business reorganisation will mark a new phase of business which unifies audio, imaging, visual and data in IP networks and is aimed to support business expansion mainly in emerging markets. Panasonic transfers the rights and obligations with respect to the business of PSS to PCC and change PCC's trade name to Panasonic System Networks as of January 1, 2010.




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