Perimeter Protection For a Famous Luxury Brand Factory In France

Cias provides a Tailor-Made Protection Solution

21.10.2021 - A famous luxury brand factory was being built next to the historical one. This huge project included a complete revamping of the security systems starting from the perimeter systems.


A fence detection system was specified to protect the first line of defence of the site: i.e. a fence 2.5mt high/1.300mt long. However, as the construction process went on, the integrator Novadis discovered on site that the old fence line would remain around the perimeter of the old factory (which in fact is still running) until the new fence, which is planned to be installed on most of the property, is ready. Moreover, on the street side of the factory, the architect chose a rigid bar fencing structure at the very last minute, that is to say: of a different kind from the rest. A complex application frame for many current fence detection systems with standard features and average performances.

The "Pret-A-Porter" Solution

Thanks to the fence detection system Sioux Pro2 with mems sensors, Cias was able to stick to the original design and to provide a tailor-made solution which adapts to the different types of fences on the site, granting a superior level of detection with the lowest false alarm rates possible.
Fuzzy logic algorithms in fact grants customized sensitivity levels, up to the possibility to adjust the single sensor, and 1mt pin-point accuracy in detecting intrusion attempts such as cutting, climbing the fence, and tampering the system.
To complete the high-security performance level, Sioux Pro2 offers the redundancy function for cable-cut immunity, a unique feature among peer systems on the market nowadays.


According to the project manager, later on, the historic plant will be replaced by a solar farm, at which point the old fence will be replaced with a new one.
Unlike fiber optic or microphone cable systems, the advantage of Sioux is that it can be repositioned without damaging the sensors and the cable.
Any expansion of the perimeter will be manageable simply by adding the required control units and relevant kits.

As Antoine Coudert, Sales Engineer from Novadis, explained: "Cias has done an outstanding job by accompanying us in designing the right solution, making sure the product would be installed in a state-of-the-art manner and by making it work so quickly! It was a very professional set-up and a seamless integration in the global security supervision system."


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