Powering access control wire-free with intelligent electronic keys

29.09.2021 - Programmable keys put the powerful features of electronic access control into a convenient technology. They have the advantages of traditional lock-and-key security: familiar and user-friendly. But they have evolved.

Assa Abloy Oktober 2021
To discover how you could benefit from eCLIQ electronic locking, download a free solution guide here (Image: Assa Abloy)


An electronic locking solution minimizes risk. Facility managers can manage access from anywhere, at any time, and generate a full audit trail to discover who has accessed which locking points. Missing keys are quickly de-authorized.

An eCliq system is built around precision-engineered locks with high-end microelectronics. They can equip lifts, server racks, furniture, gates, cabinets and more with the same security as sensitive doors, and all without wires. Waterproof padlocks work outdoors in almost any environment, however harsh. A standard battery inside each key powers the eCliq device and secures data transfer between lock, key and system.

Facility managers can select different admin software solutions to meet their specific needs: from a locally installed to a web-based or fully hosted solution.

Businesses no longer waste time running electronic and mechanical systems in parallel. Key-holders wave goodbye to bulging keyrings: Everyone carries a single, battery-powered key programmed with only their cleared access permissions.

Deployed in diverse settings
For hospital managers, a programmable key solution creates personalized access schedules — even for temporary contractors — and automatically collects audit trails. At University Hospital Frankfurt, for example, 1,100 eCliq cylinders help secure a new building.

Museums benefit from multi-layered security, where access control plays its role alongside CCTV and alarms in preventing theft. In a heritage property, discreet, cable-free eCliq locking ensures the site remains as its designer intended.

France’s Thiepval Museums are equipped with eCliq locking cylinders across their two locations. Durable and waterproof, Bluetooth-enabled eCliq keys are allocated to both employees and contractors. The eCliq system allows museum staff to monitor service providers — and their movements around and between the two sites.

Retail banking combines high security with complex workflows. Staff want efficient access. Facility managers need the flexibility to design access permissions around individual clearances. “Access all areas” locking is not appropriate. Utilities and infrastructure are similarly stringent. For hydroelectric plants, pipelines and transformer stations, K&F Drack in Austria also deployed eCliq . “The great flexibility of the system convinced us,” says Stefan Drack, CEO. “We are planning to also use eCliq in other areas and further properties.”

To discover how you could benefit from eCLIQ electronic locking, download a free solution guide at the website of Assa Abloy.



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