Preview: GIT System Test Video Analytics & Perimeter Protection 2023

04.04.2023 - GIT System Test Video Analytics (GSTVA) will be back in 2023. The new GIT System Test Perimeter Protection (GSTPP) test series expands the scope of testing.

In GIT SECURITY 3/2022 we published the results of the first „GIT System Test Video Analytics“ (GSTVA) that was done in April 2022. Eleven powerful, currently available systems were subjected to intensive test scenarios we developed together with the expert office of Markus Piendl and the system house i-Alarmsysteme. In 2023, we will add another GSTVA and extend the range of tested systems beyond video analytics with the GIT System Test Perimeter Protection GSTPP.


First GIT System Test Video Analytics in April 2022

For the first GSTVA the intrusion tests were divided into different scenarios and scenario groups. Variations were made between different types of movement, i. e. approaches were made at different speeds, angles and rhythms. Different types of clothing and camouflage were used in further variations, which were evaluated separately, and both day and night tests were conducted. Some test scenarios involved destabilizing the video analysis systems through the use of pyrotechnics, for example. The results of the intense testing are available here.

GSTVA 2023: Expansion to Include Systems for Perimeter Protection

One of the results from the first test series was that while the resolution, image quality and low-light display of all the tested systems are now consistently at a very high level, there is definitely ‘room for improvement’ in video analytics. As expected, the performance of some systems could be improved for complex camouflage and movement types. With better system tuning to local conditions and refined algorithms tuned to more challenging scenarios, performance can be improved. To give other vendors the chance to participate in the test and to include new or improved systems, we will launch the second GIT System Test Video Analytics in Summer 2023 with the same scenarios we used in the first test. In addition, further tests in other product groups (GIT System Test Perimeter Protection) will provide a good basis for security decision-makers.

Extended Range of Tested Systems: Radar, PIR, LiDAR

To deliver more valuable information beyond video analytics about perimeter protection best practices, we will extend the scope of the testing and will test radar, PIR and LiDAR systems in addition to video systems in a new test series, GIT System Test Perimeter Protection GSTPP.

We are already in close contact with different vendors about the tests this summer, but in case you are a representative of a vendor producing systems for perimeter protection and you want to join the testings in summer 2023, please let us know via