Oct. 06, 2015

Protection for the World's Longest Art Gallery, the Stockholm Metro

The Stockholm metro transport system has over 100 stations to carry close to a million passengers per day. First opened in 1950, the Stockholm metro system has been called 'the world's longest art gallery' with more than 90 of the network's 100 stations decorated with sculptures, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings and reliefs by over 150 different artists.

The Stockholm metro selected Xtralis VESDA VLI smoke detectors to protect their customers, staff and world-class system against smoke and fire threats. Upon evaluating options, one concern was the enormous size of each maintenance depot and how to completely monitor that space, especially in underground stations with high contamination levels, where dust accumulates and can mask actual smoke threats. With very early and reliable smoke detection and excellent resistance to dust, VESDA VLI by Xtralis was the obvious choice as it also provides a safe working place with no business interruption during operations.

"Nothing else came close to the capability of the VESDA VLI," said Kjell Stensiõ, Sales Manager at TMP Alarm AB, a leading fire protection and security installer in Sweden. To see how Xtralis provides fire, gas and safety systems for trains, rail and metro stations, visit www.xtralis.com/RailMetro.

Housed in a ruggedized industrial IP66-rated enclosure and incorporating patented long-life, fail-safe intelligent filter technology, along with other best-in-class VESDA features, VLI sets a new benchmark for the protection of dust-filled applications. VLI has a host of features specifically designed to address the common challenges of industrial and dust-filled applications, with excellent resistance to high background levels of airborne particles, reliable detector longevity and deterministic maintenance.


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