Jul. 24, 2020

PureTech Systems Announces Technology Partnership with Milestone VMS

PureTech Systems announces its product integration with Milestone VMS and participation in the Milestone Marketplace.
PureTech’s integration with Milestone enables alarms generated from PureActiv AI Video Analytics to be sent directly into the Milestone Video Management System (VMS). “This integration leverages our near-zero false alarm outdoor detection and classification capability into Milestone’s world-class VMS” said Larry Bowe, President of PureTech Systems, “Adding PureTech’s AI-based video analytics with Auto-Verify into a Milestone system enables customers to secure their perimeters without adding staff. The automated AI verification feature ensures security personnel are only presented with real perimeter breaches. No additional staff is required to monitor for perimeter breaches."
“The combination of Milestone’s XProtect platform, and PureTech’s location-based AI video analytics software PureActiv, will be an invaluable security asset for customers requiring outdoor detection capability,” said Milestone Community Partner Program Owner Brad Eck.
In addition to product integration, PureTech is participating in the Milestone Marketplace. This gives end-users one-stop to explore applications, hardware, and services that are compatible with Milestone XProtect.


PureTech Systems
1950 W Rose Garden Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85027-2748
Phone: + 1 602 4249842
Telefax: + 1 206 3383793

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