Apr. 13, 2016

Quantum Secure at ISC West 2016

SAFE Self-Service Portal Transforms Users’ Interactions with Security

Quantum Secure is addressing prevalent identity and visitor management trends at ISC West. Centered around the SAFE Security Software, the exhibit features innovative solutions for visitor management along with mobile/IoT applications, analytics and enhancing the user experience. 

“While we continue to focus on identifying potential risk and deriving actionable intelligence, we are placing greater value on the customer’s experience, both from the viewpoint of the visitor and of the organization utilizing our software,” said Ajay Jain, President and CEO, Quantum Secure. “SAFE 5.0 makes visitor management faster and easier while providing organizations with the assurance that established policies and procedures are being maintained.”

With the SAFE Visitor Management Self-Service kiosk, visitors can now quickly check themselves in rather than having to wait at a reception desk. Mobile Self-Service is now the default option, with a tablet-friendly design that is highly flexible and customizable. Considerable attention has been paid to making the interface convenient to use, attractive to view, and easy to scale. The new user interface makes it simple to initiate, track and audit access-related requests with advanced reporting capabilities to deliver data to other departments such as compliance, legal and HR.  

Quantum Secure’s SAFE 5.0 represents the next generation in physical identity and access management software. Featuring an intuitive interface and advanced reporting capabilities, SAFE 5.0 delivers critical information in a single view, providing organizations with actionable intelligence to make better decisions regarding security and operations. SAFE 5.0’s powerful dashboards can be viewed from virtually any device, streamlining and simplifying initiation and auditing of access-related requests.


Quantum Secure, Inc.
100 Century Center Court
CA 95112 San Jose, CA
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