Quentic: Hazardous Chemicals Management On the Go

23.02.2022 - Quentic has announced the release of version 13.3 of its software as a service solution for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality management.

With this update, the company celebrates the successful completion of a series of planned upgrades to its capabilities for managing hazardous chemicals on an international scale, which has been a focal point for its past three release cycles.

Easy access to hazardous chemicals on mobile devices
The software module Hazardous Chemicals has been expanded to make all relevant safety information related to hazardous substances accessible via the Quentic App. Therefore, frontline workers and EHSQ-managers can now benefit from easy mobile access to their chemical register, safety data sheets and safety instructions.

For convenient and fast application, the lists and information are customized based on location, ensuring that users obtain the information necessary to handle the specific hazardous substances present at their site at a glance. Thanks to seamless integration with the Quentic Platform, data is consistent at all times and only substances that are actively in use are displayed to the user along with essential information regarding risks and safeguards.

Additional information and a complete register for other company sites is easily accessible with a few clicks. In this regard, managers have a timely and complete overview across sites and locations at all times, even from their smartphone or tablet.

Storage according to EU-standardized SEVESO-III classes
As announced with Quentic’s last major update, Quentic 13.3 now also enables users to inspect whether hazardous substances are stored in accordance with Seveso-III. The European Directive aims at controlling major chemical accident hazards and lists substances for which special safety requirements apply once certain quantities of these substances are present at a site. EHSQ and HazMat officers can now use Quentic to easily monitor the quantities of substances being handled at their sites, determine classifications and arrange the necessary safeguards.

“By continuing to expand Quentic’s Hazardous Chemicals module, we further strengthen Quentic users’ capability to manage all information on hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals regardless of their location or industry while ensuring compliance across borders”, says Tim Amman, Senior Product Manager at Quentic.

The company has previously introduced flexible evaluation scales for risk assessments as well as configurable storage classes for hazardous chemicals in order to tailor its offering to the needs of medium-sized and large enterprises that operate internationally.

Contracts and deadlines always at hand
In addition to the enhancements made to Quentic’s Hazardous Chemicals module, the company is also introducing a new module component for contract management within its Legal Compliance module. The extension will enable Quentic users to store and manage contractual documents that regulate their agreements with suppliers, contractors and third-party vendors in a single place and to keep track of relevant cancellation deadlines.

“Product development is strongly driven by our customers," says Dr. Mario Lenz, Chief Product Officer at Quentic. "We welcome their wish to extend Quentic’s valued data and responsibility management capabilities to include managing contracts, as it is a valuable and meaningful addition to our comprehensive EHSQ and ESG management solution."



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